the american way

I'm loving this month's US Vogue, which is celebrating American style - a style I heart very much for its natural, simple, casual elegance. I can almost forgive the really uninspiring Kristen Stewart cover.

There's Tonne Goodman, responsible for so many editorials I love, in a feature about her low-key, patrician, American sportswear chic --


There's a brilliant feature about American designers (I dig the Michael Kors one) shot by Mario Testino and styled by Grace Coddington with an amazing cast of models; the energy of the whole edit is amazing --


Index featured French girls expressing their love of American style (funny how they say the same things people like to say about French style!)** --


A little snap of Taylor Tomasi Hill showing how to do classic American staples with a twist --


Arizona Muse, whose name is too good, is photographed by Peter Lindbergh --


Meanwhile, Harper's Bazaar joined in the fun in their February issue --


In a way, I love it when something I love is trendy - so much to be inspired by. And there's much more to enjoy in this issue.

** For more American style as seen by the French, see this lovely En Vogue feature I posted about previously, as well as this amazing editorial in US Vogue styled by Carine Roitfeld.


I think Italian men wear "American" style much better than the average American man. It's all in the fit.
Ammu said…
Lovely! I am a sucker for the preppy look, so easy and elegant.
The Bohemienne said…
I just read the new Vogue yesterday and really enjoyed it. I loved the photos of Proenza Schouler's s/s collection, and the Arizona Muse spread was gorgeous.
luka said…
i like classic american style as well. and i see my style to be really preppy. but my problem with it is, well, to put it this way, it kinda of lacks the sexy, sultry elements of european style, esp french&italian style. europeans just do sensuality so well! so most of the time i'm stuck in between...american style tends to be a bit "too sporty" for my taste:)
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Yes, the kind of look Tod's is building a brand on. There was a great intw last year Diego Della Valle did with WSJ magazine where he talked about how much he loved the American sense of leisure but done with Italian craftsmanship. I was very inspired by his melding of two style philosophies - so much so I wanted to buy a pair of Tod's shoes right away. Talk about exceptional branding.

Ammu: Me too. In a way, it was incredibly 'exotic' for me, since my mother preferred to dress in a more formal way when I was younger.

La Bohemienne: It was really one of the better issues.

luka: I know what you mean; I'm a sporty person and I like the outdoors so the clean, fresh appeal of prep really works on me. That said, I try to balance somewhere between that and a more European, gamine feel.
Aïssa said…
Hmm, hope this issue will arrive soon at my WH Smith! It's been awhile since I bought a mag, all the festive end of the year eds were so boring.

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