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south america (and cuba), randomly

*Warning: This is a photo heavy post 
It still feels strange to be home. The constant presence of friends and family. The absence of Spanish. Having space to toss my things around and not having to pack every few days. The comfort of familiar food. The emptiness of my days back here in Singapore, and learning to fill them again.

There's also the strangeness of feeling like you missed an entire chunk of life back home - when your friends refer to events that happened that you didn't know about. Missing birthdays and engagements. 
But already that "travelling" feeling is fading. As I back up and organise my photos in storage, I can't quite believe I was there. When people I befriended on the go text me, it feels like receiving a message from a parallel universe. 
I'm neither here nor there. 
I keep telling people I could have kept travelling through the South American continent all year, and it's true, I never even touched the Amazon areas of all the countries I…

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