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influenced, uninfluenced, and surviving Black Friday

I have to admit, for the first time in a while, I was pretty excited when Black Friday rolled around, because I had been eyeing a few cute things for a while, and I thought a discount would seal the deal. I never found Black Friday discounts particularly exciting compared to say, end of season markdowns, but the past two years of stasis had me craving for the thrills of retail therapy.  I spent ages online, but in the end, I bought nothing.  Well, ok I did, but not any of the things that I thought would thrill me most. I didn't buy the cute bedspread, I didn't buy the cool clogs. Instead, I bought a vacuum cleaner and a vacuum flask from my local department store, a white t-shirt that wasn't on sale, and a necklace from a social enterprise. Somehow, when it came to the moment of adding things to cart, I felt the urge to get away from the the things I spent months wanting. I had a feeling that as soon as all the cute, cool girl-approved things arrived, they would lose their

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