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the unintentional capsule life

I haven’t bought any new clothes since the year began.  Well, ok I bought underwear in January I think. But I really needed that.  This no/low-buy phase is not because I discovered some new level of resilience against my consumerist instincts, but because I’ve relocated to a new country, and am reluctant to buy anything while my living arrangements are changing every few months. The process of packing has also made me hideously aware of how much stuff I own, and I now think of belongings as equal parts utility, pleasure and burden.  In related news, I am living out of a suitcase while most of my stuff is in storage at the moment, and am finding that even in this enforced “capsule” situation, I have a surprising amount of choice.  I have my basics: 1 pair of "nice" joggers, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of wide-leg trousers, 1 skirt, a bunch of tank tops and T-shirts, a plain tank dress. For fun, I have a nice billowy white cotton blouse and a jumpsuit. For warm

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