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thoughts on beauty, 2017 edition

Yesterday, I was applying a clay mask to my face after my shower, and it occurred to me I haven't blogged about skincare or make-up in a while. I consulted my Blogger dashboard, and it's true. My last long post on skincare was in 2011.

What I said then:

"I think make-up can be fun, and it's expected in some professional settings, but I would never, ever allow myself to feel that I can't be seen without some coverage. I'm all enhancing your features, but performing the equivalent of cosmetic surgery with foundation and eyeliner will always disturb me.

My idea of make-up: concealer for spots, lip balm.

I do pay a fair bit of attention to skincare though. I must have a good moisturiser and cleanser, and I wear sunscreen daily. From time to time I like a deep cleansing mask, and I also use a facial scrub every now and then. I have been trying, but failing to use eye cream regularly."

As it turns out, my perspective on skincare and make-up hasn't changed in …

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