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what i wore - blended days

The outfit posts have been scant this year, because, lazy.

But still, I try. I like writing about clothes, and miss it, and in recent months, it felt like whatever skills I once had in doing that had gone rusty from lack of use. I no longer feel like thoughts about clothing flow coherently from me, even if my romance with personal style and dressing remains.

I was nudged into writing this post when the newsletter from Elizabeth Suzann announcing the launch of their Warm Weather Collection landed in my inbox. Her clothes interest me, but it's the way she writes about them that moves me. Her designs are practical, but her words lend romance:

"Forgetting travel altogether, sunny spring days are when I clean my house, shaking the dust from the rugs and unearthing forgotten artifacts from dark closets. Purging the unwanted, reliving fond days passed, familiarizing myself with my possessions, shaping what I want my tomorrow to look like. Even the most mundane springtime Sundays spe…

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