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grace period (& some shopping reflections)

It has been a strange few months. A sense of despair over my helplessness in the struggles of others. Ripples in the workplace caused by missed deadlines, mismatched expectations and short tempers. Creeping dread that nothing I do is enough. Elation whenever I spend time with loved ones.
When in doubt, I find comfort in the minutiae of style. My dependency on materialism sometimes shames me; other times I could care less.

I've been enjoying soft colours, clean lines. Fitted waists, wide-legged trousers and skirts that billow when I walk. Sandals, and shoes without socks.

Pulling all this together is the humble t-shirt. I'm lucky to be in a workplace where t-shirts are accepted as office wear, and it makes getting dressed and commuting in the heat tolerable. I do cycle them through the week very quickly and I'm always looking out for fresh ones to add to my wardrobe.

No surprise that as I review my shopping this year, t-shirts (and its variants) make up a pretty big part o…

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