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still admiring

I had a gander down my Tumblr memory lane recently, which I started around 2011, and stopped posting some four years ago. The above is a smattering of what I admired back in July 2011.
I still admire them.
Sure, I've become a lot more realistic about wearing knits and layers in Singapore. I know my life has limited capacity for tailoring. But when I scroll through the images, I see a colour palette that still refreshes me, and an easy spirit I still aspire to.
These days, Instagram forms the bulk of my social media consumption (I don't tweet, FB etc), and random images like that don't cross my way so often. But I still like saving the odd post, organised via the "collections" function. And it can be fun to see what has been catching my eye, collectively.
The Sartorialist is still pretty good source of inspiration for me, and it's much easier to follow his work through IG than to visit his blog. He has an eye for capturing quirky classicism that other street …

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