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some of what i wore (sept-oct)

A more complete record of what I wore the past few weeks would have much fewer sleeves, because the humidity has truly reached sauna levels. I can't believe there were days where I comfortably wore long-sleeves, but if I recall correctly, I spent one of those days almost entirely in AC (attended a workshop) and the other day was a cool, drizzly day. Even socks seem like a huge thing to ask of me.

The weather has made me really happy about my decision to chop the sleeves off that gingham top, which I've had for a few years now. The top is coarse, almost-linen like cotton, which is perfect for this kind of weather: doesn't stick to the skin like a T-shirt and far more breathable.

I'm also really happy with the linen and cotton gauze tank tops that I've added to my wardrobe this year, one of which is pictured here (the white one with the gathered neckline). It's from OZMA, a new-to-me brand, which I bought secondhand. Had I paid retail, I would have found it pric…

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