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lay days

Life has both sped up and slowed down. I have retreated into a comfort zone in uncomfortable times.

This morning, I put on a dress - plain, black, loose shift dress. It was actually great, nothing pulling at me, no waistband, plenty of room for me to sit cross-legged or slump into an armchair, airy enough when sweating it out in the kitchen. I now understand why my mum wore similar dresses as house dresses.

It's the first time I'm wearing anything else other than shorts in weeks (I have managed to resist spending all day in my PJs). Shorts have gone from weekend to daily staple (it is too hot to wear anything else), though I wear the same tops I wore to the office (T-shirts, boxy tank tops, sometimes a cute camisole). Skirts, jeans and trousers collecting dust on my worn-once rack have been washed, ironed and put away.

The key to getting dressed these days is that I must not feel silly wearing them with bare feet (mine is a shoes-off household). Perhaps I will wear dresses mo…

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