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shopping reflections, may

I've done plenty of looking, but not much buying - having a shopping cap is working really well because having to weigh one potential buy against another just makes me give up. And I go back to the age-old shopping realisation: that I didn't really want it that badly in the first place.

I did spend a very long time looking for a new white t-shirt to rotate with my current one. I had my eye on the ones by Tradlands because the cuts were exactly what I wanted, but in the end I decided the fabric was just a shade too heavy for someone as sweaty as I am living in the tropics. Everlane and a few other similar brands had promising options but I didn't have any luck with sizing or affordable shipping.

In the end, I opted for an organic cotton one from Muji, feeling that at the very least, it was produced in a more environmentally sustainable way than other mass market chain options. It's the exact weight I'm looking for, without being too sheer or drapey.

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