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Some of what I wore (April - May)

This isn’t a full picture of what I wore during the last couple of months, as I've been distracted by work demands and remembering to snap a photo of my outfits seems like a huge ask.

Generally, I was road-testing my newest buys, and I've been enjoying how the new items seem to be working well with old things, and give them a kind of lift. I’ve settled into a certain kind of style and vibe over the years, and I tend to be attracted to things that make the “same-old” feel fresh, rather than rewrite my dress codes.

I've bought three pairs of trousers/jeans and a pair of shorts this year, and when I think about it, it's no coincidence that I happen to be still carrying the pounds I gained last, 90 per cent of which went to my hips and thighs, it seems.

I'm not exactly short of things to wear, but denim is a staple for me (I wear jeans to work), and not being able to wear the full range of my jean collection drove me crazy. Almost all my jeans are 100% denim, and thos…

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