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want list, reviewed

My biggest takeaway from putting together a wishlist for 2018 is that I'm pretty rubbish at sticking to lists.

2018 was a pretty heavy shopping year, despite my intention to shop less. I reverted to comfort shopping quite often, and other times I felt stifled by my lack of options due to going up a size from weight gain.

So while I took a couple months off shopping at the start of the year, I eventually dove back big time, clocking 21 items, excluding basics like undies.

Let's start with a review of the list I made:

The loose jumpsuit - Still mulling
I picked the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde jumpsuit as my first choice, after enquiring about measurements of other possibilities. And my positive experience with the Clyde dress (more on that later) convinced me that the dreamy quality of their midweight linen is worth the fuss. But I kept circling back to the fact that I'm more of a separates girl, so I held off.

The wide-leg, high-rise jeans - Bought alternatives
I was hoping to fi…

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