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being free

"Folded over the back of a chair in my room, under a mohair throw, is an old suede kilt I had meant to begin wearing again. For me, the kilt nourishes a sense of freedom from fashion. It’s a classic, it’s sentimental and it’s one of the few garments I own that has truly improved with age. I hope I am wearing it at 90, tramping along in boots and a dog-haired sweater, the picture of civilized indifference." -- Cathy Horyn, NYT, Feb 2014.

"I tried to think of what you want to wear when you need your clothes to be doing some work for you." -- Rachel Comey, Lenny, Nov 2017

I went down an online shopping rabbit hole recently, obsessively poring over the images that caught my eye, feeling that familiar of itch of wanting to refresh my wardrobe with new pieces.

And then I realised that what I often crave isn't new clothes, but new ways of wearing old things. And the feeling faded. Somewhat.

Because old things work; they have for a long time. They've proven why they…

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