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I only just watched "An Education", and really liked it. I could go on quite a bit about the movie, especially about Olivia Williams, who played Miss Stubbs, but for now, I only want to say, "That dress".

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It's very pretty.
Alexandra said…
Loved the costume design in this film!
Fleurette said…
perfect. could work as the perfect LBD!
Aïssa said…
I have to watch that movie! I stupidly missed it when it came out.
The dress looks very Catherine Deneuve-ish, it's a bit strict but in a good way, you can still see the woman wearing it. I like these kind of dresses with clean lines, no frills.
lin said…
Pret A Porter P: In contrast to the outfits she was previously wearing, it struck the perfect note - not too drastic but still a transformation. I think that added to the allure of the dress.

Alexandra: I did too. It was the side of the 60s that I liked, not the Mod-ish stuff. Don't know if it's authentic but it's certainly appealing.

Fleurette: It's very pretty - I have a weakness for bows at the neck, and this isn't too cutesy.

Aissa: I missed it when it was released too, borrowed the DVD from my friend. It's the perfect Sunday afternoon movie. Agree with your Catherine Deneuve description: it can be very girlish on more cutesy girl, but strict and yet sensual on a more womanly-type.
If Jane said…
haven't seen the film
but the dress is quite nice...
miss sophie said…
oooh now i'm intrigued. i saw CM in 'Wall Street 2' last fall and i liked her spunky performance given the limitations of her rather lame part in a disappointing film. REALLY looking forward to her as DAISY BUCHANAN in the remake of The Great Gatsby!
MDYS said…
YES! Did a screen shot of this dress when I saw it. That fabric is so luxe, and it's just the perfect shape. Swoooon

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