a continuous lean


Photographer: Paul Wetherell
Magazine: Vogue UK January 2011
Stylist: Miranda Almond

I love the serenity in this photograph.

Picture scanned by gossiping on tfs


Timeless. This will be just as relevant in another decade. It reminds me of another item forever on my wish-list: The white blazer. Her cuff reminds me of that Elsa bone cuff you posted before.
miss sophie said…
i had to do a double-take as it looked like a vintage photo at first. such a quietly powerful look.
G. said…
Mhoa love the flared leg. Still searching for the perfect flared one.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I'll love to see you rock a white blazer - I could never wear one and not feel like a waiter. A white blazer is so elegant in summer.

miss sophie: I love how you can't really date the picture.

G.: Flared trousers don't work on me - but I love seeing people in them.
I've had some before: one was (brand new) ruined by a bad tailor and the other I sold, it was final sale and I wasn't IN LOVE with it. I had a white pantsuit when I was in high school. (Even then I aspired to wearing suits) It was from a junior brand XOXO: In my mind I was wearing Dolce & Gabbana! It made me so happy.

There are SO MANY white suits/blazer in the Resort and Spring collections, with the trickle down effect, maybe this year will be THE YEAR.

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