This is for myself as much as it is to highlight how I've grown to really appreciate Jak and Jil as an inspiration over the past 12 months. I love Garance Dore and Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, but Tommy Ton has the most identifiable photography of them all.

I like how organised he is; he seems to not only observe the beautiful details of an outfit but he seeks out themes and patterns to feature on his blog. I thought I should compile some of my favourite posts from 2010, for easy revisiting. He takes wonderful pictures overall, but I selected the ones that gave me the urge to stand up and go change out of whatever I'm wearing.

1) My Favourite Things: Tommy Ton's own stuff


This is one of his My Favourite Things features, where he styled and shot his own personal items on a girl. Something a tomboy like me can't resist, and so right on the money - an unusual blend of a voyeuristic peek into his closet, his take on androgyny, and his beautiful photography.

2) Designers: Celine F/W 2010


He captured the spirit of the collection to beautiful, narrowing in on all the details that made the collection such a standout.

3) My Favourite Things: Maya Villiger of Turned Out


This is one of the most reblogged posts I've ever seen and Maya's style is everything I love. I also like that shot of her clipped out pictures - it's like a little insight into her inspirations and her work on her own blog.

4) 3-V: Anne Pinguet


I love his 3-V sets, as I previously blogged about here. I'm a details sucker, and I love everything about this particular set - the preppy style, the water marks on the loafers. It's deeply engrained in my mental folder of inspiring style.

5) Tucked In


I like the imperfection of her outfit - sleeves unevenly rolled, shirt hem partly tucked, bag flap left undone. And the pose gives the photo such an ethereal vibe. I'm not into black but Dree Hemingway has a way of wearing it well.

6) It's In The D-tails


This evokes the kind of spirit I want to wear my clothes with. And it gives me tingly feeling of adventure and discovery, because of the camera I suppose.

Pictures all from Jak and Jil


onlycoolcats said…
I totally agree. I love Jak&Jill, very inspirational blog.
The flap bag on the last photo is to fall in love with.
oomph. said…
i enjoy jak&jill as well..love the inspirations photos.

lin said…
onlycoolcats: I like the bag, but I love the photograph as a whole even more. I've always wondered if the bent flap would eventually annoy me.

oomph: it's always hard just to choose a few.
Fabliha said…
great post.. his photos are always so beautiful..

The last picture could just as easily be you :)

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