let's try this again


I made a list of what I wanted in September:

a) ballet flats in a neutral shade
b) a navy double-breasted cardigan
c) the Sofia Coppola SC bag

What I bought subsequently:
a) a pair of two-toned flats in beige and black (check!)
b) navy tie-neck blouse (where did that come from?)
c) white silk dress (again, where??)
d) a leather clutch (it just came out of nowhere)
e) a wallet (...)

I'm terrible at keeping to lists, clearly. I stopped looking for the cardigan when I decided I had too many - this is not to say if the perfect navy DB one appeared I wouldn't snap it up. I fell out of love with the SC bag when I went to the shop and felt nothing special when I carried it around. And I didn't need to want another large-ish bag.

I ended up with four things I didn't predict I would want, but I don't regret them. I think at some point my shopping became less dictated by needs (already met) and I find it hard to define what are the "extras" (coined by Pret a Porter P). Who's to define what a dream item is?

Still, I'm going to keep trying to see if I can do better.

The list for 2011 thus far:

- A watch (I already have some idea of what I want)
- A small-ish day bag also that works for night (no idea what I want)

And what's a good number for the things I don't know I'm going to want? I think if I discounted the things I bought last year I could have left behind, there were 10-12 things I bought that I truly felt were good buys I don't regret - amongst them essentials like shoes, a swimsuit, and trousers I actually needed.

10 or less would perhaps be a realistic number to aim for. I'm counting my new leopard shoes and my silk shirt bought in late-December as part of the tally, so that leaves me with eight items for the rest of the year. That's practically something new every month (but I'm not going to push myself to fill any quotas), and I think it's pretty generous.

I'll probably end up with more shoes - I get around on public transport and walking and wear them out fast. If a pair of shoes (usually ballet flats) that gets frequent wear (at least twice a week) holds up for two years, I'm impressed.

Maybe I'll find that perfect dress. The dress section of my wardrobe is, with a few exceptions, the most unsatisfactory section of all - full of things I have outgrown, filler stuff that needs replacing, and argh, mistakes. Not having a good sense of what I own and what kind of dresses I'd like to have makes it easy to make mistakes.

I've spent the past week weeding out bits and pieces and getting a better idea of what the gaps are: something well-cut for day, made of something a little more structured than the more casual jersey, knit and linen staples I currently own (I think this means I'm leaning towards the A.P.C...). Also, no more dinner-ish, evening things - I have enough beautiful things that don't get enough wear.

Everything else? I'll let nature take its course.


Fleurette said…
I find the unpredictable purchases to be the best purchases. Seriously, I have to re-sell half of the stuff on my shopping list for fall. i think I just bought these stuff because they were on my list.
Fleurette said…
How come you fell out of love with the SC bag? It's perfect, but honestly, I wouldn't want it myself.
There's a navy DB cardi on zara's website.

The items that you bought are so lovely, especially the white dress. Going by the "4-5 piece per season" I made a tentative list of 20 items. Though many are vague: "The All Saints piece." I don't know if I can be so regimented with myself, but I must since I'd like to take a vacation and need to replace my computer (huge crack in the screen oops!)

I'm more likely to have "not buyers" remorse, when I passed on something AMAZING. Though I need to prioritize for the items I'd be upset about NOT getting since I wasted it on some extraneous top or shipping fees.

-ps. Thank you for the Detroit link. The pictures have a surreal "last man on earth feeling" that books, desk, pianos, chandeliers, were just abandoned like that.
Vegalyn said…
Ah, I'm in love with the SC bag as well.

But up till now, the price tag scared me off. It's not that I can't save money for it, but I'm just getting a new kitchen for 2.5 times the price of the SC. It's just too much to be spent on a bag.
miss sophie said…
this is exactly how i try to strategically plan out my 'wish/need' lists at the start of the year. have you heard of this great website called Svpply where you can curate your want/need items as you browse and see them online? i started mine over the holidays and it's great fun adding to it (and seeing other Svppliers' items!)


anyway, i agree with Pret a Porter that oftentimes your favorite purchases are the impulse purchases. as for the SC bag, i really love the large one and the new PM smaller size. i've been obsessed with them...:P
-ps. Was the white blouse a winner?
onlycoolcats said…
At the moment, the very first thing on my list in winter coat, which I am hoping to find during sales. Acne or Isabel Marant or Cos would be desired the most.
lin said…
Fleurette: I've found that to be the case for me as well, which is why I gave up on the idea. But maybe all the experiences of the past will help to make this list a success.

The SC bag...I thought of saving up for it and tried it in the shop and realised I really wasn;t keen on buying another large-ish day bag, and even the smaller PM version was larger than I expected. And it felt awkward when I carried it - it didnt hang comfortably on me. I think it's one of those bags you need to break in by squishing it a bit and carrying heavy - which I obviously didnt try in front of the salesperson, haha. But I have to say, the leather is one of the most amazing I've ever felt.

Pret a Porter P: I tried that! Too thick for the weather here and didn't fall very nicely. Thanks for spotting it though :)

I agree about extraneous items - they're the reason for making lists in the first place. I get so annoyed with money wasted on those.

The shirt hasn't arrived yet, it's due next week. Fingers crossed!

And glad you liked the Detroit link.

Vegalyn: I did once consider saving for it, but you're right in that it's just too expensive!

misssophie: I haven't heard of svpply but I'm definitely going to check that out, sounds fun!

onlycoolcats: I like it when my priorities are as clear a that. I hope you find it.

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