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friday blues

and finally, a proper post for the day

belated post #2

belated post #1

white hot

all the leaves are brown/and the sky is grey....

more vanishings

it's a holiday, but...

tiers for wednesday (how could it be only wednesday?!)

we interrupt the diary to bring you this short message...

turning into my mother?

a grey, rainy monday

that girl

peter som better as peter som? not necessarily...

film plug!


the symbolic buy of the year

skulls for saturday


how i feel about fashion now...

how to do 1930s, without looking like a costume drama


my delayed crush - fringe

before I go on to talk about my delayed crush, let's talk about one of my all-time crushes...

i'm sooo bored

H&M cool, COS even better

in other news...

could you get any lazier?

a mess of a collection