fridays should always look like this

Chloe S/S 2011 campaign shot by David Sims

The sunny upbeat mood is just in time for what I recently dug out of my closet.


I always knew I would wear it again some day. Only took four years for that to happen.


I wore some combination of this throughout university. Why did I stop wearing denim skirts? When attractively-cut shorts became available on a large scale - it seemed like for the longest time in the late ninties and early noughties all anybody could find were board shorts, running shorts, and cargo shorts. Or was it just me?

In any case shorts still trump skirts for me for the sheer convenience factor, but a denim skirt still has that contradictory feminine tomboy appeal no?

In any case, hurrah for Fridays.


G. said…
I cant chum up with denim skirts. Since all of the girls around me since i was 13 years old wore them summer and winter i cant bear them.
So i was very glad when it was possible to buy denim shorts, like you mentioned, instead of ruining my old pairs of jeans wich could have been the favourite pair next year ... Anyway, i like the set and start to rethink my prejudice ;)
If Jane said…
oh i love denim skirts...but just longers ones to the knees...;))
lin said…
G.: By the end of the day, I remembered why I stopped wearing ths skirt - it feels weird to be wearing such a short skirt again. Shorts are really more practical, haha. That said, I still like how they look, but I must make sure it's a day where I don't need to climb in and out of cars much.

If Jane: I LOVE the look of a kneelength denim pencil skirt - but so hard to find one.

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