in her shoes


My sister and I are very different, style-wise. This is illustrated by what we bought at the Zara sale. I am the shoes on the left, my older sister is the shoes on the right. Perhaps when the stars are aligned, we will swap.


sometimes i wish i had a sister.
Ammu said…
:) Round toes are much more classic I feel. Also, I have crazily long toes so very few point toed shoes work on my feet (Marc Jacobs is the lone exception).
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I feel lucky :) It helps that all three of us are about the same size - we consider each others'wardrobes an extension of our own.

Ammu: I prefer round toes too, but these are shockingly comfortable.I can stand a pointy pump but not a flat - I just don't like the look of a pointy flat.
heart in a cage said…
Your pair is my favourite! I hope to find a pair of loafers like yours in plain, black leather and the same heels but in plain, black suede, like the ones Geraldine Saglio wears all the time!:)
Ginta said…
I miss the times when we had a common wardrobe with my ex-roomie!
I actually love both pairs!
miss sophie said…
i love this post :D so cute and such a great visual on so many levels! i tried to track down those Zara pumps in NYC a few weeks ago to no avail. i love both prints though. adds such a great touch of texture to any outfit, day or night. you should post a pic of you and your sis wearing your shoes, and then swapping! wish i had a sister too.
If Jane said…
yes but it is the grr pattern that still unites you and that is what matters..Ù:))
lin said…
heart in a cage: So do I! But most loafers pinch my broad feet. Even these aren't 100% comfortable. Hope we get lucky!

Ginta: I like both too - but I'm glad I only had to buy one of them.

miss sophie: that's a shame - we usually get lucky with the larger shoe sizes here I think.

If Jane: I'd never bought anything in leopard before, even though all the women in my family are leopard maniacs - my mother says I've finally proven I'm hers.
onlycoolcats said…
I was in Zara last weekend to check if the loafers were still available.They were not!!!I have to find them somewhere.

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