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One example of a decidedly imperfect item that I love anyway is my favourite pair of (non-denim) trousers - a pair of black cigarette pants. They began life as a hideous pair of too small boot-cut trousers purchased in a work emergency (long story can be read here) in 2008, which I then had a tailor rework into my dream black cropped skinny trousers. I've worn them steadily ever since because they look perfect.

The catch: the waistband cuts in a little too narrowly so sitting down for long hours can get uncomfortable. Not painful, but noticeable. I have a feeling it's not really good for my circulatory health either.

So I've decided to add the perfect black cigarette pants to my shopping list for the year.

The fantasy solution is of course, choosing a little something from Celine's Five Perfect Trousers collection, but in actuality, I had a more democratic solution in mind - Gap's Premium Pant collection, specifically the Slim Cropped. Shall check them out when I have time to go shopping soon.

Anyone else has suggestions? And do you have flawed things that you love anyway?


Aïssa said…
I finally found the trousers I was looking for at the Gap!

Their perfect pants collection hasn't disappointed me so far and instead of searching high and low, now I know it's the place to go to get decent and not too expensive trousers!
Vegalyn said…
Count me in as a trousers-girl!
Somehow I always ended up wearing pant much more often than skirts and dresses at work. Although I love the idea of a collection of perfect day dresses.

Since 2 years I dare also to experiment a little with my pants. Cigarettes, harems and cropped, I love them all. And they all combine well with loafers,ankle boots and brogues (shoes that I mostly wear to work).

btw, COS carries some perfect cotton trousers throughout the year. I like their tailoring very much, especially for blazers and trousers.
I have the gap slim cropped (they hit me at ankle). I'd recommend them. They hold up well. Though not perfect (for me) since I'd prefer a full length pant. When I see pictures they're not that flattering on me, but in the mirror they look fine. So who knows...?? A "carrot shape" like Celine's tapered leg cut look good on me. If I find another pair I'll replace them, but it's not a priority.
miss sophie said…
you should check out jcrew as well - they have well tailored black pants that are better quality than what's offered at the Gap IMO. my camel coat that i posted about is my faveorite flawed item - it's been great since i got it re-tailored!
G said…
I have a small waist and wider hips and Gap's pants (even their perfect pants collection) always gap at the waist. That being said I second J. Crew. I've had good luck with them and their fabrics don't feel as cheap as Gap's.
The Bohemienne said…
I haven't tried any Gap pants in a long time, but I really love Jcrew Minnies, especially the original stretch twill.
lin said…
Aissa: Good to know! I'm definitely excited to check it out now.

Vegalyn: Me too. I have exactly 3 skirts and I rarely wear them. And I've gotten too used to the mobility of trousers too. I like trying different cuts as well, but in the end I'm always drawn to tapered shapes.

I like COS, but it's not available here, boo.

Pret a Porter P: Photographing outfits are tricky - they often look different from what they actually are. I'm happy with my tapered trousers from Zara - if they wear out I'll probably have them copied.

miss sophie: I wish I could try J Crew but there isn't one in Singapore, and I'm iffy about ordering trousers online I haven't tried, especially when shipping costs so much. If the Gap ones don't work I may reconsider J crew though.

Nothing like a tailor to make bring new life to things!

G, The Bohemienne: I'm really curious about J Crew now, I've actually always liked the look of the Minnie trousers but ordering trousers without trying them on seems like too much of a risk. Probably safer to stick to options I can actually physically try...
onlycoolcats said…
Hello! I wanted you to know that your blog is really great and inspiring and I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Kisses ***
G. said…
I have one pair of monki skinny black trousers i wear almost the whole week. It makes my legs look perfect (well, as perfect as they can be... ;) ) and works with everyhing. So, my monki pants are my most loved :)

Did you buy any scent oil? I recommend, but i dont know if they are available in your country. The prices differ from 4 Euro (lemongrass, cinnamon leave oil) to 20 euro (vanilla). But high quality and nice flavours!!

bets regards,
lin said…
onlycoolcats: Thanks so much for that! Im absurdly flattered, and will get down to it soon!

G: lucky you to have found your perfect black trousers!

I'm not much of a fragrance person, although I fell in love with a gardenia perfume from Jo Malone and bought that - I think it's satisfied my scent needs for now. I'd never considered scented oils before - I'll definitely keep an eye out for that! Thanks for the recommendation!
Camille said…
I'm still looking for the perfect trousers (I'm currently sporting a nameless, secondhand pair that's a bit too short, so I pretend it's a cropped style). I definitely understand you on the point of having imperfect items that you hold on to. Three or four years ago, I bought this waffle textured breton shirt of pretty bad quality that stretches out so it's too big by the end of the day, but I haven't gotten around replacing it yet... I just put it on my spring list after your post reminded me of it, it won't be a luxury to get a new one!
lin said…
Camille: I think sometimes we try so hard to not spend needlessly that we forget that some things are genuine necessities, haha. Mt trousers started life as a too-short pair too!

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