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Fellow Sofia Coppola fans take note: you can now snap up the dress she designed for Lutz and Patmos in 2005 and reissued last year for the label's (now defunct) 10th anniversary and channel some of her low-key cool. Oh, and it is a very nice dress - one I would consider if I had any need for a cashmere dress. Which I don't. Sadly. Reduced from a what-the-hell GBP697 to GBP174.

Picture from the outnet


miss sophie said…
ohhhh. had no idea SC designed a dress for Lutz and patmos! i think she ought to design a pair of jeans with Acne. THAT i'd totally consider shucking out the cash for. the cashmere dress idea is luxe and enticing in theory, but i don't think i'd be able to deal with all the pilling...! :P
yanqin said…
miss sophie: Cashmere is too warm for my climate but the one or two pieces I have miraculously survived my machine washine's "wool/knit/delicates" setting, haha. Of course I only dared try because they weren't expensive to begin with.

Sofia Coppola + Acne - very promising indeed!
Unknown said…
oh i love this dress
and would love to have it!
onlycoolcats said…
I wish the bag she designed for LV was reduced to this price:)
yanqin said…
If Jane: It's such a lovely basic for cold days.

onlycoolcats: If only! That bag is so expensive. But it is so lovely to touch. Definitely one cut above the usual LV bags.

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