into the wild


Craving a bit of outdoorsy, rugged chic for my decidedly non-outdoorsy life at present. I don't own any clothing like that, so I make do with my plaid shirt.


I like wearing a plaid shirt in my office. It's just slightly out of place. I usually wear it with my black cigarette pants but they needed re-hemming, so a skirt it is.

And Meryl Streep in "The River Wild" is one of the last great female action heros. Angelina Jolie, watch and learn.

Pictures from life magazine and corbis via tomboy style,, the fan carpet,, jak and jil


If Jane said…
oh great collection of images!!! love the mood!
lin said…
Vika K said…
Beautiful pictures :) love the first one especially. Plaid is such a fantastic, understated pattern.
Alexandra said…
love those shoes!
marzena said…
thank you for your help lin! i assumed that it was paolo roversi, because of his distinctive style, but i wasn't really sure.

i really like the kind of plaid shirt which is showcased in the bottom: it is really timeless and you can style it in so many ways.
lin said…
Vika L: Yes, plaid manages to be patterned and colourful and yet basic at the same time.

Alexandra: Thanks!

Marzena: No problem, I don't usually get these things right, but Paolo Roversi is an exception.

I love plaid - this one shirt takes me a long way.
Anonymous said…
hey lovely update. what brand are those tassel loafers? i would love to earn a similar pair.

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