"fashion is what you're offered four times a year. style is what you pick out of that fashion."

Lauren Hutton is inspiration. It's not really about what she wears; it's how comfortable she is with herself, and that relaxed confidence. I like almost everything she likes.

Check out her wise words at J.Crew. A few choice quotes:

"My number one fashion tip: Find your white shirt and stick to it."

"Though we've been told forever that everyone looks good in black, I know that after 50 years of wearing it for magazine shoots and movies that I don't look good in black. I prefer navy."

"Clothes that wear forever and go wth everything stay my friends. They keep my comfortable and in good humour and they work for their living - same as real friends."

Picture from j.crew


Ammu said…
Agreed. Lauren Hutton rocks - there's nothing desperate about her, she is so comfortable being herself!
Hutton really has that carefree effortless look to her. I gave up on finding white slim jeans though, degrading things to try on... lol!
Mari said…
Ohhh, i was looking at her words and even wrote them down in my little notebook i carry around for ideas and style advice. So wise and articulate! Those of us who were not born with the *it*, or have superbly eclectic mothers (I love her clothes) just have to learn and work at minimizing and focusing.

I just posted the first outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

So excited. What do you think?


-La Copine
Alexandra said…
Hutton always looks so classic.
And she's right about navy, you just can't beat it!

Fleurette said…
When I first saw Hutton on screen, I thought she was French because of her relaxed confidence.. which gives her the "je ne sais quoi".

Navy is such a underrated color. My mom always tell me that bleu marine is as good as black, and classic.
lin said…
Ammu: I've really grown to appreciate her over the years compared to most other supermodels.

Pret a Porter P: Tell me about it.

Mari: I know, I'm totally sold even though it's only an ad campaign. And I left a comment on your blog!

Alexandra, Fleurette: I love navy blus so much, but as I often complain, it's quite hard to find nice things in the right shade of navy.
miss sophie said…
this is another reason why j.crew has become my favorite mass retailer since a few years ago. they really are doing creative and innovative things with a chain store and yet the quality does not suffer in the way of fast fashion shops. have you seen the interviews and articles on Jenna Lyons, the creative director? she's quite an inspiration too.

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