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I like buying magazines to read in the airport, and I make it something of a tradition to buy something I don't normally buy. Over the past weekend, it was Lucky magazine. Despite it starring their usual photoshopped-to-death covers (December's victim is Diane Kruger). I'm usually indifferent to Lucky, it being cute enough but quite thin on content. But this being their 10th anniversary issue, there was a little more to read than usual.

I especially liked the "100 edicts" feature, namely these spot-on bits of advice:

- Buy clothes that you'll wear on a Tuesday afternoon, not a Saturday night - few people lead Saturday-night lives. So true. I have a beautiful charcoal grey knife-pleat jersey dress I've only worn once because the cut is just a smidgen too formal for the average day.

- Never get on an airplane without a cashmere blanket or huge scarf. Actually, all their packing advice was good.

- Things that look crappy on a hanger could look gorgeous once you put them on. The reverse is also true. Sometimes I fall for something and obsess like mad, and I could have saved myself the energy by trying it on and getting it out of my system.

- Crazy colors can be basics: We've had to resole our coral patent ballet flats a zillion times while barely wearing our black ones. Agreed - I use a bright blue nylon bag, a shiny bronze leather tote and my sequinned gold flats to a surprising degree.

- Cigarette pants with flats will always make you look feminine. I live by this one, since I can look mannish in shirts. It's my cliched but enduring appreciation of Audrey Hepburn style - classic, charming, effortless.

- Fitted jackets and coats always make you feel skinny, even when you are pregnant. The oversized, slouchy blazer is for skinny girls with loose messy hair; the rest of us just look frumpy. It's not so much about looking skinny as it is about looking trim and snappy for me.

- In life you will need four bags: a big, slouchy weekend one; two good-looking but practical work ones; and a sleek evening one. Minimum. Eerily true when I thought about it; I do rotate between four bags at any given time. It's a good number to keep in mind when you're deciding on what expensive bags to invest in.

- When all else fails, a skinny cardigan can pull any look together.

The En Vogue pages (styled by Ludivine Poiblanc from 2005 or 2006) above from Vogue Paris are amongst my favourite, I miss the old format so much. I would buy almost everything on these pages. I know it's not from Lucky but I'm putting it up as wardrobe/shopping inspiration.

Pictures scanned by 1karina1 via tfs


I'll have to browse through that section again I already ripped out the pages from that issue that I'm keeping. My all else fails item is definitely a long black coat.
Alexandra said…
I adore the en vogue sections of Paris Vogue too!
Ammu said…
So smart - although I think an oversize blazer can work with skinny pants. And yay for the brightly-coloured flats - I just ordered a pair of yellow flats.

I owe you an email - will write soon!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P, Alexandra: So much better than the present layout, in my opinion.

Ammu: Sounds lovely. And loook forward to your email! Don;t worry about it, you must be busy!
Inspiring. I agree with you about the "things that look crappy on a hanger....", haha.

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