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: Terry Richardson for Vogue Paris August 2008

On sales:

"You may even get a great deal of satisfaction out of the sales, provided that you are armed with lots of courage and the will power to resist the temptation of some darling little outfit which in the end is terribly expensive when you realise that, while it may have cost you 'nothing', it is worth practically nothing to you."

- Genevieve Antoine Dariaux in "A Guide to Elegance"

I finally got it out of the library. Some of her more specific advice may be dated (she doesn't seem to like trousers), but she writes with humour and irony. An enjoyable read.

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Kate said…
oh no! and just yesterday i posted my new 'darling little outfit' fresh from the sales. ah well; i think i'm suitably excited about it.

i think the way to do the sales well (if you must at all) is to take a more discerning shopper than yourself with you. when i'm at my parents', i like having my mum in the corner of the cubicle saying 'no. that's horrible.' or 'no. it's too long.'

i love that picture, too.
onlycoolcats said…
My motto is not to get distracted into buying clothes just because they are in the sale.
I keep my wallet next to me and shopping smart:)
yanqin said…
Kate: I'm a fan of shopping at sales as well - with a limited budget, I need to stretch my dollar. And there are things to be had that truly "darling" in a completely non-ironic, non-sarcastic sense. Like my leopard loafers from Zara :)

The picture just oozes cool.

onlycoolcats: I'm better at that now! Im always tempted to just splurge, especially when it's a label I'm a fan of. But I think I held up well during this sale season, haha.
Fleurette said…
I agree with onlycoolcats. I try to avoid the sales because I'm so afraid that i'll get sidetracked.

By the way, I adore the photo you posted. I've been adoring it for ages, it's just.. PERFECT
yanqin said…
^ I always shop the sales because it's a good time to find things I usually can't afford at a good price. But of course, it's important to have plenty of self-control and not get distracted.

I love that picture too! Except for the bag. I use it in so many of my inspiration collages.
Cheap Shopping said…
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