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I've been re-reading my older UK Vogues, and while reading the Ageless Style/Wardrobe etc issues, I noted a running trend in what I was drawn to.

Margaret Howell (designer; August 2010 issue) --


Nona Summers (journalist, Vogue contributing editor; July 2009 issue) --


Tricia Jones (co-founder of i-D; July 2008 issue) --

style files 0010
style files 0011

Something in the water that makes 60-something British women so very my kind of women?

My own snaps; scans on Tricia Jones from Le Club Du Style


In US Harper's Bazaar I always liked the selections for the 60s+ best. That asymmetrical graphite silk dress under Nona's is stunning.
Ammu said…
I have that Tricia Jones article too! Love her Balenciaga bag - so simple.
K. said…
Inspiring! I have that July 2009 Vogue too - I fancy Florence Welch's boudoir but want my wardrobe to be like Drusilla Beyfus's (the 80+ lady! Oh god)
Ginta said…
I remember Nona Summers' spread. I really loved the mix of extravagant and laid back.
Mari said…
Love it. I want more of these publications. These women look phenomenal.

I just posted the 5th outfit for the I6L styling challenge.

Five of 30!


-La Copine

lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I just found a page in the feb issue of US Bazaar where I identified with the 50s group best. I always looks at the 20s group and think "what?"

I love Nona's jeans! I went to Ralph Lauren after to look at their jeans, but sadly, did not see anything I liked. They do use some really lovely denim though.

Ammu: I wish I kept this issue but I couldn't find it - there were a few interesting wardrobes I loved. The Balenciaga is lovely - I love a good hobo.

K: I loved Drusilla's wardrobe too! Comfortable, cheery anc chic.

Ginta: Yes, she has the balance between "wow" and "understated" pitched just right.

Mari: Hope your challenge is coming along well :)
Anonymous said…
I still have the issue with MH in it. I do take exception to the fact that they really airbrushed her. Considering that she was featured in part because of her age, their effort to erase her very outward comfort with all the changes that come when being 60+ made me a mix of sad and mad.
There was a good review of some trends in menswear a few weeks ago in the Financial Times and someone in it commented that it is always more attractive to dress older than younger. Amen!
lin said…
editor: I bought that issue mainly for her, I rarely come across profiles of MH. I've never really seen a good photo of her actually, such a shame to realise that she's been ovely-airbrushed. I agree, what's the pt of featuring her as a cool 60-something only to make her look younger???

and "it is always more attractive to dress older than younger" - so true!

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