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Franca Sozzani is very chic and is one hell of an editor, but now we know she's also has a thoughtful, direct fashion voice, thanks to her blog on It's not that I had any doubt that she has a strong voice in fashion, but to read them in (presumably) her own words, in her charmingly imperfect English, has a certain resonance.

An except from her post on men's fashion week -

"There is something that is an advantage for men's shows. They are so difficult to do compared to that of women that when you see a nice show that mixes the right amount of trendy and practical, made of small details, the right fabrics and cuts, you see that exaggeration is just to satisfy the artist. Looking like you came out of a circus is not synonym of creativity."

This woman blogs. And occasionally RESPONDS to comments -

"I don't mind you disagree. You are free to say what you want and I respect it. Take it easy."

This kicks the ass out of "how do you say, email" Carine Roitfeld.

Read it here, starting from this post.

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