five will make you feel alright*


Instead of meandering on about my quest for the perfect wardrobe, I thought I'd take a break and do fun things, like this tag from Miss Sophie of Les Anti-Modernes, which asked me to list my five essential accessories.


1) Glasses + cleaning cloth
I don't do so well with contacts, plus I like the way I look with glasses - all smart and serious. These are my favourite pair of all the ones I've ever had - handmade in Japan, nice and weighty but really comfortable, and I love the wood-like finish on the sides. The cleaning cloth is a souvenir from the Prado in Spain - it's a detail of a painting by Mariano Fortuny called "The Painter's Children, Maria Luisa and Mariano in the Japanese Room". I love museum gift shops.

2) Watch from Skagen
This is a gift from my friends for my birthday last year after my last watch stopped. Just like that. Six months after it was serviced. I was grateful for my friends' good timing (pun!), but I was a little "hmm" by the metal strap since I prefer leather. Now I fully appreciate how nicely the mesh bracelet sits on my wrist without moving and the way it looks like a nice cuff - the only jewellery I wear. Feeling a bit like I'm betraying it for wanting to buy a watch!

3) Woven leather belt from Muji
It's nearly always the right thing for every occasion. I haven't seriously considered a new belt much since I got this one - I don't even remember when I bought it.

4) Paul Frank earphones from Skullcandy
Sound-wise, they're not as good as the ones I got for my birthday a few years ago (which I ruined), but they're MUCH better than the ones that came with my iPod. They're also 100% cute.
5) Jersey scarf from Zara
This is a real wardrobe hero - ridiculously warm for something so light, and very soft and smooth even after two years of solid wear and machine-washing. Perfect for tucking into the bag to fend off the enthusiastic Singapore AC when I don't want to bring a jacket or cardigan.

So that's my five. What's yours? Share!

*if you get this, I know you listened to the same so-bad-it's-good pop music as I did in my 'teens.


unique cleaning cloth! The metal mesh bracelet on the watch is beautiful, but I also have a thing for chain mail esque pieces.

-ps. I had to google the title. I remember the "Lights go out" song lol! Boybands, sooo embarrassing... but every generation has theirs I guess.
Ammu said…
Love the cleaning cloth - so pretty. Museum gift shops are great - I especially love the Met shop, you get the most gorgeous stationery and jewelry.

My five essentials would probably be my Nokia E63 (email/web/phone/planner in one), my favourite pair of shoes (currently gray distressed Belstaff boots) a handbag (currently a chestnut distressed leather bag from Belen Echandia), a book (currently reading short stories by Nabokov) and my Tom Ford sunglasses - indispensable against the Indian sun.
Vegalyn said…
Love this post :-))

My 5 essentials will be:
- a casio classic digital watch (so rightfully retro, very Star Wars)

- my Molskine diary in red (the black cover is so blah...)

- my cashmere scarf for the winter
(or any other scarf for other seasons)

- hand cream (airconditioned offices, Urggghh)

- a book
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I am not alone! Thank goodness. I remember "Lights Go Out" too, hahaha.

Ammu: I confess I have been to branches of the Met shop, but not the Met yet! I need to rectify that. Is that Belen Echandia bag the one you ordered for your birthday?

Vegalyn: I sometimes wear a casio digital calculator watch that I appropriated from my sister - they are very classic and make such a fun touch to an outfit, especially on super-corporate days.
Kate said…
Haha, the title of this post reminds me of a terrible 90s bar in my hometown that I frequent. It's good to be nostalgic sometimes.

My essentials are my glasses (although I need new ones), grey marl opaque tights, my antique rings, my Moleskine planner, and my collection of plugs (I have little stretched ears).
If Jane said…
oh great list!!
always a new discovery with you!

will have to think up a list! ;))

ps...all i am thinking about is pep g...i shall blame a good way of course!! ha!
G. said…
Nice Skagen watch - used to ignore them, but this looks minimalistic chic.
I feel tagged ;) Try to do the next days ...
rgrds, G.
miss sophie said…
oh yay you posted your list!! :D

i LOVE your picks. your lens cleaning cloth reminds me of an illustration out of Alice in Wonderland...or Through the Looking Glass :) if my lens cloth was cool like yours i'd probably be motivated to clean my glasses (that i wear all the time in lieu of contacts) more!

my oldest watch is my skagen with a round dial and silver mesh band that i got in college...i have to say, they are made really well and look a lot more expensive than they are. great picks! :)
onlycoolcats said…
hmm,Skagen... very familiar brand:)
lin said…
Kate: Love the sound of the grey marled tights, and you must shows the antique rings on your blog some time. And I'll love to see this 90s bar that plays Five, haha.

G: I didn't look at them much either, but I started appreciating them after I received on for my birthday. We even wound up buying a black steel mesh one for another friend!

miss sophie: i bought a nice one precisely to force myself to clean my glasses properly - i used to just use whatever I was wearing and ended up scratching the lenses so badly.

nice to know Skagen watches are durable!

onlycoolcats: i only just realised you live in denmark...i'm a bit slow on the uptake :)
Ammu said…
Yes you must go to the Met - it's amazing - worth many visits! The BE bag is actually one I got on sale - 60 percent off! I love the birthday bag - it's a beautiful red - but I find myself using this one constantly this winter. The distressed vibe works well with the dusty foggy Delhi winter.

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