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My uniform for the month. I wear some variation of this about four times a week, and I mix in a dress once every other week, and jeans and shorts when I can get away with it. When the cool weather dies away, I'm probably going to leave the jacket behind more, and just wear shirts.

I enjoy keeping it simple, most times. I flirt with patterns, with colour, but stumbling out of the shower in the morning and fumbling for something to wear, simple works best. I trip up whenever I try to be "interesting". An adage I read somewhere years ago - "Wear you want feel like wearing, not what you think you should be wearing" - is something I keep in mind when I'm getting dressed, and it never leads to something I regret.

I love fashion. I'm always interested in design, ideas, beauty, innovation, ideas, all the things worth celebrating about fashion, but I've come to understand that I prefer to admire from a distance. Dressing in a basic, timeless way is more reflective of my personality and the life I lead.
I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs but I'm especially glad that there are lots of bloggers out there who share the same principles of dress as I do, and express them their own distinct ways - it inspires me. I suppose the fact that it's fashionable to be classic at the moment is one driving factor, but I also think good design endures and always has a faithful audience. You see more of this when it comes to men's style but lots of women feel the same way too. Maybe we will see more designers and brands at all price points recognising this segment of the market, and stop thinking only of SATC addicts. After all, all women, no matter how they dress, have the need for well-cut simple things - they are both a foundation to build on and a look in itself.


"After all, all women, no matter how they dress, have the need for well-cut simple things - they are both a foundation to build on and a look in itself." Bravo! Bravo!

I LOVE this outfit, love it. The trousers are especially perfect. For work I definitely wear variations of this look myself.
G. said…
Very inspiring post. Your outfits really is a perfect basic uniform to build on!

"... stop thinking only of SATC addicts" - finally someone sharing the same thought. I never completely understood why the fashion in this serie got so damn hyped. I love the series, but I do think their clothes are much overrated. Sure, they wore inspiring and innovative styles - well, not for me at all. Too much bling-bling and skinny girls ;)

Best regards,
ammu said…
Very well-said. Yay for styles you can LIVE in not just perform in ;)
Jennifer said…
OMG no offense but you look exactly like all of my parisian girlfriends ! Really !
It's simple, yet classy and timeless. In another word : Perfect.
You're such an amazing source of inspiration
luka said…
great outfit!
i think there is a fine line between simple elegance & chicness. "chic" is something classic yet cool and a bit playful, it's about pulling the right trick and adding just right touch of "magic" to something plain&simple, and that's what i'm striving for:))
María said…
Your blog is a total discovery! It's so inspiring, you have a new fan here.
Vegalyn said…
Love this post.
I don't think I ever watched SATC for its fashion element. I'm just not like Carrie or could ever want to dress like her, I think.

Just that we're still in sweater+blazer+coat kinda weather here in Europe. Already longing for sunshine and coat-free days.
Aïssa said…
Great post, well written and thought-out. I agree with all the points you brought out.
Your outfit is great, very chic!
Alexandra said…
Great outift. Simple always has the best results.

The Bohemienne said…
The fit of that tee is absolutely perfect--I am still on the hunt for a nautical tee with just the right amount of slouch for me.

Lots of good points here!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Thanks! Btw, have you seen the Theysken's Theory collection on the Theory website. Saw a black blouse that made me think of you.

G: Thanks! I didn't mind the TV series so much, but the movies were so grossly materialistic I couldn't even bear to look at the posters. And yeah, I never really cared for the actual style of clothing being worn.

Ammu: Thanks! Functionality is so underrated.

Jennifer: I guess it means I'm not the most original of dressers but I'm taking it as a compliment nonetheless! And thanks for considering this blog a source of inspiration - I enjoy yours very much as well!

Luka: Thanks. Interesting point about chic and elegance - I suppose elegance I associate elegance with a certain dignity and you can have that even in wildly differing styles. Chic has that playfulness and knowingness sitting alongside good taste - but what good taste means is always debatable I suppose.

Maria: Thanks so much! I've always read your blog but I'm not much of a commentator :)

Vegalyn: I'm enjoying this weather while I can, but I'm sure it must get depressing not to see some real sun and be bundled under layers.

Aissa, Alexandra: Thanks!

The Bohemienne: Thanks. I find mine at Muji and Uniqlo - very nicely made but their sizes do run small.
asha said…
I am loving this abundance in classic bloggers too. Your look is excellent, I'm yet to find a pair of trousers that suit me in the way those suit you.
Fleurette said…
Such a great post, Lin! I am very happy to have become a regular reader. I tended to bump into you blog occasionally a year ago (via antique-gold-sphere) but I'm now reading every single post of yours.

I agree with everything you write. I love that you have consistency in your style. It's essential and I keep thinking that consistency comes with maturity. I adore your perfect uniform!
Nanashi said…
Perfect outfit! i never really got the SATC thing either, and besides their staple are insanely high heels that you can wear if and only if you are going from cafe to bar in a cab constantly.

In one sense a chic person is someone who is at ease with one's own instincts ----when one is wavering between "I want to look like this" or "I have to dress like this" it shows in the subtle discomfort of the way one is dressed, but when everything is aligned then it looks effortless, elegant and chic. and your look looks effortless!
If Jane said…
love the outfit and great insight!
lin said…
Fleurette: Thanks for such kind words - obviously I love your blog as well. I love having an exchange of ideas and inspiration!

Nanashi: If I do a proper analysis of my past outfits, there was so many items when I got it wrong - not in a big way, but now I see how I should have followed my instincts and ignored certain trends or buying impulses, haha. Live and learn!

If Jane: Thanks!
onlycoolcats said…
Great post!I am becoming Your loyal reader and always come back with great pleasure
miss sophie said…
love your uniform! i've arrived at the same place after a few years of slightly schizophrenic style experimentation. i went through a particularly print-and-bright-color-heavy phase five years ago that involved lots of 'ethnic' (though i hate how the fashion industry employs that word) looks. now i reach for a consistent array of pieces that all work together pretty well. i'll incorporate something a little out there and 'fashiony' (right now it's my leather pants), but even that is always referencing a classic piece (ie: slim black pants) that are foundation pieces.
Mari said…
I SO love your blog. And this post is one more reason why.


-La Copine

I saw the Theyskens/Theory website today actually. Nothing stopped me in my tracks to be honest, esp. for those prices. There is another collection coming in the fall, and he is the creative director going forward...
Kate said…
i too love the current surge in bloggers focusing on quality over quantity. i think reading fashion blogs often increases the urge to consume, whereas at the moment, blogs are making me want to enjoy what i have and look after my possessions. kudos on being part of this!
This is such a good post. And I agree with Fleurette, "maturity" was definitely the word floating around in my head as I read.
As people get older and gain an ease with their style they know more and more what is them and what trends or pieces they should step away from but definitely enjoy admiring from a distance.

Fashion lovers often feel if they don't embrace every trend they will be left behind (I know sometimes I do!) - but by not doing so you stay true to a personal style that is allowed room to breath.
Love your uniform outfit and very glad I discovered your blog this afternoon!

Olivia x


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