leopards and resolutions

I'd been stalking them, trying them on whenever I passed the store. They're stiffer than what my feet, used to the soft pliability of ballet flats, are used to. I was undecided about the comfort factor, and I figured they would show up at the sale.

And they did, marked 30% off. These ones were probably tried on several times because they felt comfortable, although the sole remained pretty unscuffed. Ringing in under S$100, they made for a very sweet splurge.

I've been keeping a list of what I've bought all year, and while it's a lot better than in previous years, I'm still somewhat shamefaced about how much shopping I managed to accumulate. And this in spite of the fact that I went on a shopping ban and only bought a pair of shoes during the six-month period. Of late, my blog seemed to have turned into a series of shopping posts.

But let me make peace with that. My consumption habits have moderated tremendously and I've learnt many lessons about mastering my impulses. Shopping in 2010 fell into the following:

a) Cute but unnecesssary buys - lovely lace shorts found in a sale, a white shirtdress that I don't wear often enough; a pretty print blouse and dress from Topshop; I could have lived all of them even though they're lovely

b) Good staples I depend on - some simple separates, shoes to replace the worn-out ones, a belt, a cardigan; this also includes "quirky staples" which is weird things you end up wearing all the time (like an old colour-block top of mine), and I hope the leopard loafers will fall into this category

c) Dream purchases - scoring a long-loved Vanessa Bruno dress at the Outnet sale, my new wallet, finding that perfect tie-neck blouse (Outnet again!); maybe the Sykes Silks shirt will fall into this category

d) Out-and-out mistakes - a dress that's a smidgen too short, shoes that pinched, shoes that fell apart so quickly that I felt cheated; all three were slightly dubious and I should have known better

In the new year, I hope to reduce categories a) and d) significantly - down to zero is even better. Cat a) is my weakness - it's hard to say no to very nicely-done items, because it's hard to say if you will regret them; some things surprise you. And yet sometimes they end up being just lovely, but not a part of my life the way I anticipated.

Cat b) is reaching sufficiency at this point, I don't need more unless I want to replace some worn out items.

Cat c) is down to luck isn't it? That magic combination of availability (sizing, proximity), adequate finances (it's not always expensive but it often is), that item ticking all the boxes, being in the right mood to make the purchase.

So I suppose I have myself some shopping resolutions, and it's a nice feeling, making lists and being organised. Let's see if I keep it going for the rest of the year.

How did you fare shopping this year? What resolutions will you make for next year?


I hope the Zara shoes (and the silk blouse) work out for you. I don't feel compelled to check out the zara sale. I was there several weeks ago and didn't see anything then.

A) Zac Posen/Target skirt, which was an "alter ego" purchase. No intention of ever wearing it. lol!

B) Chanel sunglasses. my Brooks stuff, esp. their children’s line and Theory navy DB for work. Quirky staples: crazy pleated Issey Miyake skirt, Zara harem pants, Gap white frothy maxi skirt, and long Dior Homme vest I wore A LOT.

C) YSL/Tom Ford velvet jacket, Baccarat rings, Black Fleece riding jacket. and a C) that became a D) YSL suede tasseled loafer (very uncomfortable). Maybe my cobbler can work some magic...??

I had to return a potentially beautiful Kris Van Assche vest, but the fit was all wrong. I've considered pieces from him but what gives me pause is they fall under the A)s. When I have 327540457 black jackets/coats, it REALLY has to differentiate itself from the pack. And I'm reluctant to settle for a "ho-hum" basic that I can get from anywhere when it comes to "designer" things.

Next year I want to buy LESS, since my basics are largely covered, and work on the C) category, problem is the C’s tend to be pricier… :/ But I’ve been very lucky getting things for a bargain so...one never knows! (sorry for such a long comment)
If Jane said…
love your purchases!
oh...cough cough..i shall have to make a list...;))
but i do want to buy less next year...
Anonymous said…
How very scientific!
Ammu said…
After a 3-month shopping ban in 2008 and a year of shopping relatively little (2009), this year has been more damaging to my wallet! And more adventurous as well - I started buying (and wearing) skirts again. I have realized I have enough unstructured dresses and oxford shirts. Now my purchases are either items bought to replace worn-out staples, or a staple with a quirk (i.e. a stripy tee with a tiny sequin detail, or a boat-neck tee in an interesting colour) or they are something special that goes with everything, usually an interesting shoe, luxe handbag, or item of jewelry. The rest of my wardrobe feels quite complete. Amen :)

Congrats on your news btw - will write soon. So excited for you!
Vegalyn said…
In 2010, I succeeded in cut down in cat.A),limit unnecessary buys (especially in trendy items) to the minimum. But my weakness lies in cat B), should try to limit those in 2011.

From June till December, I bought 1 pair of sneakers in the summer sale, but in the past few days, I got 4 pairs of shoes (boots, limited edition converse...) online already! Try not to buy shoes for the coming months.

And still looking for that dream bag. I just always fall for the bag that is too heavy on its own, and ending up not buying it because of the weight. Anyone got suggestions for bags that are stylish,durable and light in the same time?
Ammu said…
Try this Vegalyn - http://www.belenechandia.com/handbag-collection/hold-me/
I have a different model in the pewter leather and it's very light and durable.
lin said…
Prêt á Porter P: No problem, I love hearing more about stuff like this. I know EXACTLY what you mean by "alter ego" skirt - I've had moments like this too, haha. All your buys sound great, a good mix of b) and c). I want to buy less esp b) and save more money for c)! I've felt lucky about getting c) are good prices this year too, though I don't think I can beat that amazing YSL velvet jacket.

If Jane: Would love to hear about yours! Hope we can all buy less next year!

Anon: It's borderline obsessive, the way I think about these things. But I find that I need to rationalise in order to not make more mistakes!

Ammu: Thanks, I hope to have more to share soon! A luxe shoe and staples in interesting colours sound spot on.

Vegalyn: I always buy shoes during sales more than anything else - shoes can be so expensive and sales are the best time for me to buy something good at a good price.Your list sounds very moderate, I hope I can do the same next year.

I had to see a doctor for my shoulder recently, and I suspect heavy bags are the culprit. Hope Ammu's recommendation works out for you! One very luxe option is the Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo - my sister tried it on last week and the leather is very light and soft, as far as designer bags go :)
Alexandra said…
I am definitely going to try this for the next year in a bid to cut down!
I too bought those zara loafers, they look great with everything but they don't half pinch my feet!

lin said…
^ I've worn them around the house in a bid to start breaking them in early. So far so good. But I don't think I'll be wearing them on days I expect to walk extensively, just to be safe..

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