pink ladies


Pink was the theme of the party, and so I obliged. Was a tiny bit dubious about the lace shorts since the overall effect is girlier than anything I've worn since I was 11. But I'm often too lazy to change once I've got something on. It's my sartorial fatal flaw.

A note about this Polyvore-ing of my own clothes, it actually makes me consider combinations I'd never thought of before...just need to get down to photographing more of my things.

Happy Sunday!


hannah-rose said…
this is lovely! the pink of this tee shirt is wonderful, and i love the fit too. outfit looks super cute from what i can see :)

A├»ssa said…
The outfit is adorable, sweet but not too girly.
Anonymous said…
This combination looks great, and very modern - I think the tone-on-tone and proportions will balance out the lace and keep it from being overly girly, because that's not how it looks in the photo at all.

lin said…
hannah-rose: Thanks! The top is one of my favourites, the fit is perfectly slouchy, and the colour is always flattering to the complexion, no matter how wan I feel...

aissa, twofortheclothes: Thanks!
d said…
whats the brand of your shorts? they're cute :) and your oxfords? you have amazing taste by the way!

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