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Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is a style icon (if that phrase still means anything these days), but I never thought her as a personal source of inspiration, even though I've always thought she exemplfied a certain chic that's relevant even today. But her hats and suits just seemed a little fussy for me.

I've been very interested in her life as an editor at Doubleday ever since I read about the two autobiographies devoted to her tenure (she signed Michael Jackson's "Moonwalker"!), and bought a copy of the January issue of Vanity Fair to read the excerpt (and also because I love that Johnny Depp cover and interview).

The pictures (which I later found in Life magazine) that accompanied the story revealed a part of her sartorial life I hadn't paid attention to before - in the early eighties, her style as a career woman (a very wealthy one) was clean, practical chic and it hasn't seemed to date. When she wasn't doing that jet set glamour thing, she had the sort of throwaway elegance perfectly suited to her urban surroundings, and it looks perfectly modern even now.

I had seen her as one of those people from a bygone era known for her good taste, with a somewhat stiff, conservative sense of dress, but her later years were far more interesting than I realised, and as it turned out, so was her style.

Pictures from life


If Jane said…
love that she was a fashion icon and an editor!!! smart and stylish!
Ammu said…
I love the fact that she stuck to same haircut more or less her entire adulthood. It reflects a sense of knowing exactly who she was - elegant and unfussy.
Edward Wong said…
I find "elegance, classy and "chic" so cliche nowadays as well, especially when they're used to describe a "certain" Kardashian's opposing sense of style. Jacqueline Kennedy will eternally remain one of many true style icons of elegance, class and chic. She is absolutely flawless and I adore her.
lin said…
If Jane: Me too! How can anyone resist a chic bibliophile!

Ammu: Agreed. Her confidence is inspiring!

Edward Wong: Agreed. I often wonder who these days can hope to achieve icon status. Isn't it a bit depressing to think the best has already been done?

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