: Mario Testino
Magazine: Vogue US September 1998
Fashion editor: Grace Coddington

It is cool and drizzily today, a world away from the insanely hot day we had yesterday. Unfortunately, it's not cold enough to channel the cosy chic in this editorial - I love the icy yet vivid colours and I love Angela Lindvall's clean scrubbed beauty and the sporty, practical chic of the clothes - so far away from the overly artful, thickly made-up charms staring at me from magazine covers when I was at the bookstore a few days. It's the natural dewiness of skin, hair flying, clothes moving with you, not holding you back, the kind of girl who looks game for anything, and ideally, not spending too much time obsessing about a new bag (me), a blouse (also me), shoes (me again), basically all the beautiful but unnecessary things that exist just to tempt.

Sometimes looking at my wardrobe frustrates because I can't seem to make that connection with what I see in my head and what physically hangs before me. Looking at this editorial was like dousing my head in cold water, or walking through a lightly bracing rain - it's energising and your thoughts feel more crisp, more precise, more purposeful.

Anyway, what I wore today to embrace the rain.


Photos scanned by missbluejean on tfs


Amazing that is already over a decade old! I wouldn't mind to find a sweater like the one in the 2nd picture. I like your grey trousers.
Cora said…
Nice post, nice blog, and you seem like a pretty nice person too!
Lin, I'm tagging you to do a post on what's inside your bag! Looking forward to reading your answers!

xx Fleurette
lin said…
Pret A Porter: Some styles don't date. And Mario Testino needs to do more work like that...some of his newer pictures look so much more plastic.

Cora: Thanks!

Dead Fleurette: Cool thanks! Definitely want to see yours as well!

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