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Photographer: Nadine Ottawa for Fallen #6

Just some notes from what has struck me as I shop online and in shops over the past few months. I'm really in love with texture and contrast at the moment. I wear simple things, and I think clean shapes really liven up with fabrics and details that play with the eye.

This Isabel Marant tux jacket with that amazing leather lapel makes me see why she's suddenly hot - despite the hype she must make some really good clothes.


I adore this Carven dress - I love a contrast collar and the ruching really brings the dress to life in a subtle way. Rather clingy for my taste but it's still a great dress I want to see on somebody.

carven nap

Saw these Céline boots when I passed the shop yesterday - that gold heel! And it's the perfect heel height for me - it's so hard to find shoes with a low blocky heel that isn't dowdy. I tried the classic Ferragamo Vara pumps but they weren't all that comfortable and far too expensive.


This woolly Zara top made me feel all hot and itchy looking at it until I touched it - it's really really soft and silky to the touch. I'm very intrigued - it's a T-shirt with such a great tactile element.


I've been musing over these loafers for a while - I love leopard print when it actually has that "hair" texture. Unfortunately, they weren't quite comfortable enough for me to pay that kind of money for them.


Pictures from beauty lies in the eye; net-a-porter,, zara


The first image is beautiful, really perfect. I'm such a sucker for what I dub "Belle de Jour" dresses, which is basically a black dress with a white shirt collar peaking out. I liked them before I saw BdJ but never had a name for it. I like the way the beige version too.

The gold heel is a nice touch on the Celine boots.

I've used to like Zara shoes, but something about whatever the inner is made of is irritating to the foot. If a shoe is uncomfortable, no matter how beautiful it is, it just won't get worn. I believe I've seen a leather lapel tux in one of Zara's lookbooks too.
Ammu said…
Beautiful images - love the blazer and the dress...and that shoe - I wish it were easier to find boots with low-mid heels...I am looking for one right now, and it's amazing how hard it is to find one that's not crazy expensive a la Celine!
Alexandra said…
I have those Zara shoes - I really love them but they aren't the most comfortable things on the planet! I always return to my trusty ballet flats.

Carven is definitely shaping up to be one of my favourite brands.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I am so in love with the first image too - but I never found a dress with the right neckline that I could attach a collar to. Belle du Jour dress is the perfect name for it.

I've seen the Zara jacket too, but the quality isn't great and it looks it. Pity.

Ammu: I know! But one can admire from a distance.

Alexandra: I was very tempted to but the, but they were rubbing uncomfortably even from just walking around the store. They looks awesome though.

Carven is lovely, though still rather expensive for me. I enjoy seeing what's available though, maybe the right item at the right time...
Stacy said…
The Carven dress is stunning. I couldn't pull off that color - if I was in the right mood and the right Spanx I'd give it a try - in black of course.
lin said…
Stacy: I thought of Spanx when I saw the dress too! I can't do anything that clingy to be honest but I can admire from a distance. Black would be very chic.

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