Wasn't thinking of doing an outfit post, but I felt so cheered up by the red and navy stripes of my sweater that I, er, in a moment of self-admiration, took a picture of myself in the fitting room while windowshopping with my friend during lunch. I get it from my family. We are a shamelessly vain and confident tribe.

I wore this sweater today because I'm still feeling inspired by nautical charm and thoughts of travelling and adventure and breakfast in foreign coffee shops. And also because I read a very good article about travelling in Madagascar on The New York Times that made me want to pack up and go. Read it here.

Edit: I just saw this picture in the January issue of US Vogue. I think one think I'd like to do is to incorporate bright colours like this in a very bare and simple way into my wardrobe, from time to time. Maybe today's sweater is a start.

Photographer: David Sims
Magazine: US Vogue January 2011
Fashion editor: Tonne Goodman

Picture from fashion gone rogue


Anonymous said…
This sweater is indeed super-inspiring. Navy and red stripes are a wonderful classic and I love the little detail at the shoulder - are they buttons? Great regardless.


Aïssa said…
Very Céline! You look great. Even the pic pass on good vibe and energy!
lin said…
two for the clothes: Thanks, and yes those are buttons, thankfully located in a sweet spot where it doesn't hurt me to carry a bag.

Aissa: Oh yes, it did remind me of that :) Old hat for Gap and A.P.C. though, I think.

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