woven into the cloth


This outfit is a uniform for me; those are my favourite jeans. I bought a pair of Seven jeans at a spectacular discount that were one size too big, took them to the tailor along with these (from Diesel), and told him take them in to the exact same proportions. Worked out pretty well. So in case these wear out (and it happens; all my old jeans are worn until the bum area starts fraying), I have a back-up pair.

They don't have the memories that come with these though - I once spent two months on the road in them, sleeping in trains, buses, planes, railway station floors. They got splashed with icy cold rainwater when a car dashed past us in Budapest. They were grimy with perspiration as I trudged through Florence in the Tuscan high summer (Italy in August - never again).

With a white shirt, pen in hand, they were perfect for the office, projecting a scruffy, slightly rebellious attitude so that I didn't have to.

Sitting down on a curb on some unknown street, they stretched comfortably as a friend and I had a slightly drunken, wholeheartedly passionate discussion about life and important things.

On a mini-bus rambling on a pothole-ridden dirt road in Vietnam, they stretched comfortably as I curled up in my seat, chatting with three jolly Israeli men (40-something, friends for over 20 years, backpacking together! I want to do that when I'm 40 too).

Every crease, every fray, every fade is part of a treasured memory. I can't say that about all my clothes.

P.S. - I was thinking this picture when I got dressed, and ended up wearing my Converse to instead. But I was too lazy to make a new collage.

From the series "Girl's Boat Race" by Wallace Kirkland, 1950

P.P.S - irrelevant, but fun to look at: real parisians at home >>> baudouin.fr
Thanks for If Jane from Nearness of Distance and Danica and Oh, Hello There for pointing it out!

Picture from tomboy style


Definitely the traveled jean! Your posts are so well written and thought out. I look forward and enjoy your every update :)
Anonymous said…
oh, yes, I had a similar pair of beloved jeans, brandless, I worn them to death in India, was very set to bin them on the end, so many great memories!
If Jane said…
great outfit! and really running shoes are amazing for travelling!
yes..i saw the photo of the running shoes...quite cool!

ooooooh and love the parisians!! ;)0
Fleurette said…
Nicely summed up. Uniforms are great and makes our personal style.
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy them!

Anon: I would be very very sad if I had to throw these out. I don't think I ever will, will patch them, turn them into shorts, anything!

If Jane: Agree, and Tomboy Style is such a great source of pictures.

Dead Fleurette: I love uniforms, which is why I loved your post about wearing your favourite things every day.
Aïssa said…
It's such a great post! I find it very heart warming to know the life and adventures of a person through clothes.
miss sophie said…
i love how you described these jeans as embodying memories from your travels and moments with friends. thanks for the inspiring post! :) by the way, i love your blog! would you mind if i added you to my blogroll?

xo miss sophie

lin said…
Aissa: Thanks! I love stories like these too, this is why I like the Nostalgia column in US Vogue when ppl talk abt how a certain image influenced them personally.

Miss Sophie: Thanks for coming by my blog! Please do and I'll add you as well :)

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