sykes silk: part I

I've wanting the perfect off-white silk shirt for a while. I love my white cotton shirts, but I wanted the softness of a weighty silk - something a little luxe, a little sensual, but still with the sportiness of a classic shirt. It would be matte silk, preferably with no breast pockets . There would something of a screen siren glamour to it, but in a very natural, Lauren Hutton sort of way.

There were a few close calls over the years but something was always off - fabric too shiny or too sheer, unnecessary details like double breast pockets or epaulets, wrong length, quality. I considered Equipment shirts but again, what was with those double breast pockets? And Equipment just doesn't appeal to me as a brand.

I was highly intrigued by an article in the January issue of UK Vogue where the writer rhapsodised about the joys of a silk shirt, and in particular, those by Joanna Sykes, (now the creative director at Aquascutum). I have been very interested in her because I keep reading about her in all the other British fashion media and she's always sounded like my kind of designer. Describing her diffusion line, Sykes Silks - she goes on about the type of silk she does for different seasons, her french seams, the little stud details.

That's the kind of loving detail I love to hear from designers (like the time I warmed to Bottega Veneta after watching a short film on how they make their leather weaves), and I was super excited to find out on Disney Roller Girl (another silk shirt fan contributing to my obsession) that my-wardrobe had Sykes Silks shirts on sale, reduced from GBP222 to GBP155 (it's now GBP133).

It was in terms of style, and fabric, seemingly everything I was looking for. Unfortunately, they only had it in navy and khaki. They did a have selection of lovely silk t-shirts and camisoles (check them out here) but I didn't need those. I made a mental to look out for new arrivals for spring.

This morning, as I was browsing ASOS for possible bridesmaids dresses (another story altogether), I was surprised to see Sykes Silk amongst the labels they carry. I never shop at ASOS because I'm always intimidated by the sheer volume of clothes they carry, and a lot of it bores me. Who knew ASOS was so discerning?

Curious, I clicked on the link, and there was the shirt in khaki, reduced to GBP110. With the very promising tag of "More Colours" underneath the picture.

I clicked again. The shirt appears. In white. In my size. Deep inhale. I added the shirt to checkout, and amazingly enough, ASOS holds items in my bag for an hour while I faffed around deciding if I should make the splurge on something I haven't seen or touched. It's a nice touch.

I decided I had nothing to lose; I could return it and bear the return costs if I didn't like it. I had much more to gain: a shirt that ticked all my boxes and would be a treasured item for years to come, bought at a very good price.

(There isn't a good picture of the white with the details, hence pictures of the khaki.)

I placed the order, and it should arrive in two weeks (ah, the price of GBP5 shipping). I hope it's everything I imagined it to be.

A digression: Isn't it interesting that while I'm still mulling that A.P.C. dress, I needed less than 20 minutes to buy a shirt I hadn't even seen in person, at a not-inconsiderable price? I suppose it's because I wear dresses far less often, and I always need more time to think through buying one.

Pictures from street dress codes via tfs, my-wardrobe, asos


Pret a Porter P said…
I hope it works out for you. The 1st picture is beautiful. I can imagine that a white silk blouse would be a luxe touch when worn with jeans too. Even though asos has A LOT of merchandise it is pretty organized when it comes to narrowing down selection, yoox can be more cumbersome. I've ordered from asos before and I was happy with the transaction.
Ammu said…
Ooh! I hope you like it. Love the off-white shirt pictured here.
Ginta said…
I've been searching for a perfect white silk shirt for a while too, this one looks really promising!
yanqin said…
Pret a Porter P: That's Lauren Santo Domingo at Paris Fashion Week. I would have loved to know where she got that shirt. Wearing the shirt with jeans will probably me my main way of wearing it. And yes, ASOS is definitely much better than Yoox. I'm getting to know the site better :)

Ammu: I have 3 different pictures of LSD in this shirt, haha.

Ginta: I know the pain! I really hope this one works out.
Fleurette said…
I guess that the 20 minutes equal months or years of searching for the right shirt. And when you've found it, you don't need to deliberate whether or not to get hold of it.

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