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My favourite collection remains this one. Other than that, I've never really considered buying her clothes because she seems to excel in winter wear and jackets - which doesn't really make sense for where I live. Also, sometimes I don't know if I like her clothes, or Emmanuelle Alt's imitable styling more...

Nonetheless, she seems like a cool, fun woman. And a very successful businesswoman too. And that's itself pretty admirable.

If you're voyeuristic like me, see more Vanity's "My Stuff" here, and also "My Desk"

Also, since we're talking about voyeurs, I just bought a copy of "The Selby Is In Your Place". Already flipped through it once and it's lovely, but can't wait to really crack it open and pore through. So inspiring for getting me off my butt and fixing up my home instead - I love how it's not the usual impeccably gorgeous and inhumanly neat interiors. It feels more comfortable, like really being in someone's home.

Okay no more digressions, and back to work!

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Alexandra said…
Thank you for this! I always love reading about designers' inspirations and influences.
Ammu said…
Ooh! I can't wait to read your review of The Selby book - considering getting it myself.
I have a cotton/jacquard reversible jacket by IM and a pair of linen trousers from the Etoile line - both pieces are really well-cut. I have a lapis lazuli ring as well. Her jewelry is great and very well-priced unlike the rest of her line.
If Jane said…
love her!
lin said…
alexandra: me too; it makes me enjoy their designs more.

ammu: will definitely do a post on the book. i haven't seen much isabel marant clothing myself much, only when i was in france and her clothes only became available in singapore recently. but people who have her clothing have such good things to say that i'm always curious!

if jane: hope you enjoyed this article!

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