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I liked this interview with J Brand CEO Jeff Rudes on Business of Fashion - he must have been such a good interview, giving the kind of insightful comments that reporters dream about but rarely get: you really feel like you're getting a glimpse into the business, as opposed to vague platitudes about "vision" and "strategy". And you get the feeling that he and his team understand the customer. Do have a read if you can spare the time.

Anyway, the interview got me curious about the J Brand Houlihan cargoes, which is surely the casual trouser of choice of 2010. Apparently they're made of a super luxe Japanese twill, and I'm quite the sucker for little geek details like this. The idea of a skinny cargo should annoy me - what's the point of skinny pockets you can't use on a CARGO pant, which is defined by its pockets? But I like the way they look - I love a skinny cropped cut anytime and this preserves the gamine spirit of a skinny pant with a urban, faux utilitarian touch. Sort of like me loving boat shoes when I don't know how to sail.

They're also appalling expensive to me US$231 on Shopbop. I've heard raves about their comfort levels, but I've never investigated this in person. Anyone own a pair? Share!

Pictures from denimology here and here


I like both of their outfits, especially the tie dye top. I just read Selective Memory's post about those pants.
keepfeeling said…
i have been wanting these. the perfect utilitarian pant!
lin said…
Pret A Porter P: Thanks for the link. Funny how I don't blink at such prices for jeans but I balk for cargoes. I guess I've totally bought into the premium denim thing, but not to khaki twill.

keepfeeling: I probably really ought to track them down and try them on!
i wore this exact style pant in elementary school. they were purple. exactly this cut. they were my favorite pants.
lin said…
Editor: Sounds like you were pretty cool at a young age :) Do you remember why they were your favourite?
lin said…
Editor: Sounds like you were pretty cool at a young age :) Do you remember why they were your favourite?
Sally said…
I own a pair! And paid way more than the price on shopbop but that is because in Australia they tax you to death. I agonised/stalked them for ages before I bought them. They are hands down the most comfortable/relaxed/stylish pants I have ever owned. Plus they will fade to this awesome light grey which I really like as well (the sales assistant I bought them from had on a pair that was about a year old). The japanese twill is spot on - and was why I paid so much for them - they reek of quality all the way. (God I sound like an employee.) Sorry but I love your blog - and I do really love my cargos - but no necessarily in that order!

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