the woman in white

inspiration - white shirt
Clockwise from left: unknown; Gademode; Tamu Mcpherson for All The Pretty Birds; Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil; Michael Kors resort 2011 on

A white shirt is always a pretty good starting point of reference. I started wanting something relaxed but crisp, and a touch of draping for softness.


Photos from all the pretty birds, gademode, jak & jil,


Edward Wong said…
That is seriously one chic elderly woman gracefully embracing her age, what an inspiration. You have such impeccable and chic taste yourself, your blog is a treasure.
Chic collection. Also noted how all these women vary in age, a testament to a timeless enduring classic. The older woman reminds me very much a woman that I took a picture of before. I like your white blouse and the scarf piece.

-ps. that is one of the rare times I've seen in a picture Jane actually carry her Birkin.
lin said…
edward wong: i love that picture, i always want to use it when i make a collage. and thanks for your very nice comment about my blog :)

pret a porter p: i agree..looking at all these pictures made me realise how a good shirt in silk or cotton is definitely something worth making a special buy out of, since it's going to have great shelf life.

and spot on about jane birkin! i cld never really picture her with the bag, because it seems out of sync with her easy-going, scruffy vibe; i was very surprised the first time i realised she was the namesake for the bag actually.

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