love among the rats


Dead Fleurette tagged me to spill the contents of my bag, which makes quite a list. I'm a pack rat, which makes sense, since according the Chinese Zodiac I'm born in the year of the rat.

I consider myself an organised pack rat though - the inner compartments of a bag is something I always look at: too many, too few, too big, too small, too flimsy, is there a good mobile phone slot etc.

My current day bag is my favourite - very well-placed and well-designed inner pocket for quick grabs like keys and travel card, plus a special slot for mobile phones that's actually wide enough for my iPhone. It's also strong, I can stick in a laptop and lift it by handle and it remains absolutely upright, no sagging from the weight. Plus it doesn't matter when I get caught in the rain; the patent leather remains unfazed. The only thing about it is that the patent can feel uncomfortable on a hot sticky day on your skin.

The contents are nothing earthshattering:

1) wallet
2) keys
3) lip balm (hate. chapped. lips.)
4) travel card + office key card in card case (so that I don't have to fish out my wallet every time I need them)
5) namecard case (I love the little Eames chairs on it; it was a birthday gift from my best friends in my graduation year)
6) mobile phone (I use an iPhone but I still carry my old iPod around cos the phone can't handle my 40+GB of music)
7) small pouch (for tissues, thumbdrive, 3 pens, a small notebook, iPod, cleaning cloth for my glasses, random loose things)
8) reading material (newspaper, novel, or magazine but sometimes I just read all the newspapers online on my phone)
9) water bottle (I am always thirsty)
10) shopping bag (we don't need plastic bags for shopping, do we?)
11) lunchbox (sometimes I bring food from home because I can't face eating out)

(Threw away my newspaper before I could include it in my picture and forgot the lunchbox...)

What do you guys have in your bags?


Thanks to Dead Fleurette for the tag, it was a fun exercise!


If Jane said…
oh love your bag and love what's are so chic! ;))
lin said…
^ Thanks! Tell me what's in a post!
Ammu said…
Love that bag! And the namecard holder is so chic. The wallet and bag go together so well.
lin said…
Thanks..the namecard holder always makes me smile, I can't bear to change it even thought it's all cracked and scratched.
Fleurette said…
Thank you for sharing!! And I'm in love with your wallet!
lin said…
Thanks! I hope you find your dream wallet some day - I know it can be tricky!

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