best carpool ever

This has nothing to do with fashion. It's the tennis geek in me, having a moment. Read the awesomely funny post here.

On second thoughts, this is a very fashionable picture. Roger Federer's artfully layered yet functional outfit is the sort of utilitarian chic very worthy of being captured by Tommy Ton for GQ no? Plus him and Rafael Nadal are are charmingly coordinated, like a "How to do grey in winter" fashion story. Nadal's outfit is admittedly not as natty but he's is every bit as awesome a player and that's what counts. Mostly.

Picture from federer's facebook page via yahoo sports


If Jane said…
bless you child!!! (thank you for satisfying my tennis geek moment as well!!)
i was in a café with a friend today and we were commenting on a guy sitting at the next table--he totally had the "how to do grey in winter" his back pocket! ;)0
lin said…
No prob, love to share!

I love grey, and especially so on men.
Ammu said…
Hee hee - this post makes me smile. Love them both.

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