"the men of milan"


I love checking out Tommy Ton's slideshows for GQ. Who can resist the array of men in heart-stopping tailoring. It's enough to make you want to run to Savile Row. Or at least your nearest Brioni or Zegna. And tell them to start making things for women. All that navy and grey. And all those beautiful men.


I love how men look in classic, perfect basics. I don't quite know how to explain it, but most women (myself included) can't seem to affect the some conviction when we wear basic things. And the simplicity of menswear really lets details and the merest of accessories shine through. It's fun in a different way.

And I ache for this jacket. It looks softly worn, but still in impeccable shape. And his watch chain!


GQ may be a men's mag with the usual barely-clad women, but it's also full of breathtakingly good-looking men to women to ooh over. So it's even on the equality stakes I suppose.

Pictures from gq.com


All the beautiful navy DB goodness, going to check out gq.com now.
I agree about women not looking as good as men in basics, not to mention men get the best (flat) shoes.
Ammu said…
Gorgeous. Sigh.
Alexandra said…
I love menswear.
That navy jumper is perfect!

Kate said…
Aughh. Dapper gents! God, I wish I looked that good in a navy cardigan and jeans. And that I had a boyish figure!
lin said…
Pret a Porter P: I know! I keep checking out mens' shops to see if I'd get lucky. But clothes cut for men never work on me.

Ammu: Yes. Sigh.

Glad your things made it by the way!

Alexandra: I've always felt men had a better selection of clothes in navy and grey than women.

Kate: I've been sending that slideshow to my guy friends to inspire them to dress a little better.

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