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It's Sunday, it should be brunch day. It is not, because I have to work (be damned, Sunday duty). But for those lucky enough to be not working on a Sunday, and in PARIS, check out paris breakfasts for ideas.

I'm very keen on this place called Le Loir dan la Theiere, which is in the Marais, everybody's favourite neighbourhood in Paris. Here's a picture from the blog -

Or if your in Berlin (land of brunch), also do check out Breakfast in Berlin, which I previously blogged about here.

Off to work I go then. Bugger.

Image from paris breakfasts


jean said…
I've never been to Le Loir dans la Theiere but I love Le Marais. Lots of trendy boutiques (Paul and Joe = Budget Dangerzone!) and a gay atmosphere. There's an interesting boutique or old fashioned store in every corner. Its the legendry Jewish area of Paris but its so bustling in activity.
The menu above looks delicious and almost typically French as the 'crumble' has been borrowed from the English.A hefty tarte and a salade sounds a perfect Sunday brunch to me.With a creamy capuccino afterwards on a terrace and watch show of people go by.
yanqin said…
Yes, that was what I was dreaming of as I ploughed through work on Sunday...

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