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This suit by Anne Valerie Hash made me want to do some kind of tribute collage to the black pantsuit. It's by now, practically a fashion cliche in its evergreen-ness (like the Little Black Dress) but I've always loved it classicism, and the fact that it comes in all sorts of permutations (cut, fabric, length, fit) and there's something for everyone - razor tailored, louche, mannish, relaxed, rocker.

Ironically, whilst I gush and pile on the superlatives, I don't own a pantsuit. Yet. Because here where I am, it's too hot to wear a jacket, ever. But I dream a lot about my perfect black suit - which I hope to have tailored for me one day, or even better, acquire a fancy bespoked one from Savile Row. I would have one perfect sharp-ish blazer and maybe two pairs of trousers in different cuts to suit various moods (skinny and cropped! slim and straight! cropped and relaxed!). The blazer would narrow my linebacker shoulders and have sleeves that reach my knuckles (impossible to find off the rack for me) and hit the perfect balance between relaxed and tailored. I want to look elegant, but relaxed.

Anyway, yes, that Anne Valerie Hash suit looks awesome, and if I could afford to fly to Paris couture week and have a go at it, I would. Since I don't, I will keep a mental snapshot in my mind as I (sigh) return to work (the grind) tomorrow.

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FrigidBardot said…
Interesting points. Its true how its quite impractical to wear a suit (even a jacket of the finest silk) throughout the day in S'pore unless one goes everywhere in an air con car.
That A V Hash suit looks nifty and I'll bet feels and falls like a dream. We all long for our perfect suit.I agree that tailoring is the ultimate solution and 'payday' extravagance!
How I wish I knew how to sew like my Grandmother.
That is beautiful.. I am really craving a loose jacket atm as well.

I really love your blog, and I have linked you. :)
fashionaddict said…
FrigidBardot - No air-con car, no jacket: so my story goes :) I'm interested to know how the suit will feel too, too bad such cuts don't seem to exist at a mass market level.

thesearchforchic - Thanks very much! I've actually been visiting your blog one and off as well, though I haven't been properly updating my links list.
as long as i can remember i had a love for pant suits.

in the summer it gets to hot to wear jackets, but i suffer anyway so ive gotten used to it. and thankfully i have 3 that are surprisingly light weight.

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