In my almost 18 months with my present company, I have never worn sandals to work before.


editor said…
those are beautiful.
the dress could go either way. with converse, casual girl on vacation. with the sandals, ready for the office.
so you were looking for a shirtdress, bought a shirtdress and now... what is this shirtdress?
fashionaddict said…
Good question!

I never thought of this dress as my dream shirtdress, because I bought it mainly for the fabric, which is a grey denim bordering on chambray, a material I can never resist. And so rare!

But upon buying the black shirtdress dress, I did add a couple of dresses (one old black dress I enjoyed and have worn out; one dress that was a mistake) into a pile I plan to throw out/sell. This dress does fulfill a lot of my dress requirements that renders a few of my existing items unnecessary. It will not replace, say my beloved striped sweater dress, but it's time for some others to go.
editor said…
i like this one very much.

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