caught my eye

I was checking out Fashion Toast, and came across this comment (abridged, and one of several like it) over a Alexander Wang sweater Rumi wore -

"Rumi, I think part of the reason alot of people have posted mean comments is because were a little bit disapointed (sic) in you.

In the US alot of people are losing jobs,can't afford to pay their bills, and you just bought a 600 dollar sweater that looks extremely cheap.

"Your blog is so different. You're buying overpriced clothing, and you became big BECAUSE YOU WORE CLOTHES FROM H&M AND FOREVER 21.I still think you have great style, and I'm glad you've had all this sucess (sic) but still I will not be reading your blog any longer."

Awfully judgmental, no? I don't like to put negative stuff like that on my blog, but I was intrigued by a) the vitriol; and b) the reasoning behind this statement.

a) is largely because I think all that negativity is uncalled for . Also, for me, the frightening about the Internet has always been how it amplifies hate and carried it far and wide.

b) is because I think it's odd that this person is slamming her and saying she's wrong to buy/wear something expensive. Is an expensive item (never mind that I didn't like the sweater either) morally wrong? Why is looking good in something expensive somehow less cool than looking good in something inexpensive?



brittney said…
I think that its hypocritical to accuse Rumi of frivolous spending in a poor economy but still be scrolling fashion blogs and keeping up with trends. We follow designers often for inspiration and if given the chance im sure most people would buy designer pieces if they could afford it. I see the point that reader was making, but I would'nt say she was overdoing it, id do it too if I had the cash.

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