more runway enthusing - donna karan

There was a lot of freaky shoulder shit going on at the New York fall collections, which I hate. Donna Karan was fairly guilty of this as well and I skipped over a lot of her jacket looks because the shoulders were just too wide for comfort. But it did work for me she did it in a 1940s' way, it evoked glamour and mystery, rather than the exaggeration of the 80s'.

Her collection was truly luxurious and refined. I've always admired the way she draped, and it was great to see it applied in a sleek urban way, rather than the whole goddess-y thing she seemed quite into for the longest time - the trousers looked especially wonderful, so graceful and smart at the same time. The colours were deliciously rich, as were the textures, and I really really lust for that loose fur-lined short-sleeved belted jacket. It's exactly what I want, beautiful special pieces that look like they are meant for every day, for a very long time.

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