withdrawal symptoms

I had some "Mad Men" withdrawal symptoms (I really need to get my hands on Season 2), so I dug an old copy of GQ (December '08) and spent a good hour enjoying not only the profile of the handsome, handsome Jon Hamm (the reason why I picked up the magazine at all), but also the piece on Thom Browne (good read even if one is not a fan), on "spiderman" Alain Robert, on General David Petraeus, an editorial and how-to on tuxedoes featuring The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers.

It's a deeply satisfying read, and almost exactly what I want from a magazine, except that I prefer, you know, women's fashion. I prefer a balanced content of interesting issues and profiles plus fashion, rather than just fashion. Men's mags like Esquire and GQ do a good job of that, and it always gets me thinking, where is the equivalent for women? Occasionally US Elle and US Vogue fulfil this void (I actually buy them for the features more than the fashion), but frankly, I am put off by the covers. GQ in particular is beautifully laid out without being off-putting.

I was thinking of the tears spilt over the demise of Domino magazine, and how fans were lamenting it was a magazine that spoke to them, being neither too aspirational nor too facile. I too, wish for an equivalent when it comes to fashion/women's magazines. Frankie is one magazine I enjoy from time to time, but looks-wise, it feels a bit self-consciously naive. Lula, beloved by so many, just annoys me. It seems like magazines are either edgy (Numero, i-D), girly (Lula), really commercial (all the Bazaar titles, Lucky), or plain lite (Cleo, Marie Claire, Glamour). I can't relate.

Quite a lot of random thoughts spilling out from one "Mad Men" nostalgia moment. By the way, yes I am a big fan of the series, and am seriously, seriously considering proposing marriage to Jon Hamm. Or do I mean Don Draper?


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