i am ridiculously specific

I have longed for a shirtdress-type thing for a while, specifically one with a loose blousey-type top, something tailored but still relaxed, something that didn't make me look like a box.

Something a cross between this (but not so crisp) -

Bottega Veneta, spring '07

and this (but with a somewhat more defined waist) -

Dries Van Noten, spring '09

I walked into Zara today, and found this -

My pictures are kind of hideous, but the dress, I assure you, isn't. And while I love how the bottom half fits, the beauty for me, was the loose, undone, shirt-blousey top -

So, three years after I formulated the very specific idea of a relaxed-but-structured-shirtdress-that-didn't-look-boxy-and-was-affordable, I found it. Maybe two years from now, I'll find the perfect long-navy-non-empire-tank-dress-in-a-soft-but-non-clingy-material (and also affordable) I have been dreaming of since last year.

I know I am unrealistic. But finds like my new dress encourage this kind of death wish behaviour.

Runway images from style.com


What a great story! Sometimes it is really worth waiting for that 'one' piece.

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