new blouse, finally worn

I dithered over this blouse about four times - twice when it first appeared in the shops, once after it was marked down in a sale, and then one more time when it was marked down the second time, before I finally decided, hell yes, I like it.

I rarely buy blouses like this because I find they tend to broaden me, which is why the first time I lingered over it, I didn't actually try it on...I was not convinced it would work.

The next few times, I resisted buying it even though I liked it, because I always seemed to see it at the wrong moments - after I had blown too much money on something else and therefore felt bad about shopping; when I had an obscenely expensive birthday present to buy; when payday took too long come.

I consider it fate that it was still there after two sale markdowns! Just in time for Chinese New Year too.

(This is my first outfit post in ages, I realised I have been rushing too much in the mornings to post. As a matter of fact, I'm still rushing; I notice in my hurry to snap this I forgot my shoes.)


That blouse is sooooo good!!! You look beautiful in it..
fashionaddict said…
Thank you!

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