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I never expected to get all enthusiastic about checking out London fashion week, because in the past, I usually ended up liking a look or two, but never felt strongly about any one designer (the very popular Luella is just a yawn to me).

This season however, I found myself really loving whole collections - for some designers, it really feels like something clicked together and everything is just flowing out in a beautiful, desirable way.

I loved Meadham Kirchhoff's spring collection (blogged about it here) and they've really evolved their signatures (beautifully detailed shirts; elaborate trousers done with rigor) very nicely -

It makes all the goth/biker/rocker styles at Balmain or Givenchy or Alexander Wang look like mere pretenders. Check out the perfectly done motocross trousers.

The Christopher Kane collection did not bowl me over the way the fall '08 collection did, but I find it hard to resist any beige-black combination -

He mixes delicate and tough elements together so well. In his hands, pretty is never just pretty, it's worn in a subtly subversive way.

I have craved Richard Nicoll's shirts for a while, and this season, he's managed to tone down on the unnecessary flourishes -

The nude and grey palette is just awesome.

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