breakfast in berlin

One of my favourite memories from visiting Berlin last year was the memorable morning occupied with what we were told was one of the city's most beloved Sunday morning traditions - brunch. I LOVE brunch. I shall digress slightly by putting up a photo of a most excellent brunch I had recently -

Anyway, I remember walking up and down the Mitte area and up and up to Pappelallee and practically every cafe (and Berlin has loads of cafes) was serving brunch (typically buffet, all-you-can-eat style) in lieu of their usual offerings. The budget-conscious people we were (plus one of us is vegetarian), we took about 30 minutes before we found one that served brunch for 2 euros (but you also have to order a drink, so it worked out to be roughly 4 euros)!

We worked our way through the bread, cheeses, museli, fruit, coffee, hams and sausages (the veggie friend didn't go there), salads, cereal etc etc etc to the point that we didn't feel hungry all the way until about six in the evening, and we talked and talked and enjoyed the luxury of having nothing better to do on a beautiful crisp Sunday morning than to munch, chat, read a paper, and chill in a funky little cafe in a city we thoroughly enjoyed. Best morning in Berlin ever.

Imagine how I felt (and how I wished I understood German) when I chanced upon Fruhstucken in Berlin, which I assume from the blog name means Berlin Breakfast. It brings back happy memories, it's all about one of my major passions (brunch) and it's giving new ideas to keep in mind when I hit Berlin again. It is, in other words, my kind of blog.

And well, until I effectively master German with my handy Instant German kit, I shall rely on Babelfish for a bad but enough-to-get-the-gist-of-it translation of a favourite fix.


ChiliLady said…
this breakfast (on the pic) looks sooo yummy!!!
your blog is awesomeness, btw.
fashionaddict said…
thanks! hope i can keep it up!

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