I used to make shopping lists, thinking that it would some how add discipline and order to my buying habits, until I realised they didn’t really mean anything to me once I made them.

First of all, a lot has to do with how what I want in my mind’s eye is often mythical in shops. Hence this means I need to DIY, an area in which I have no talent in, and am too lazy to undertake. This is failure on my part, but it's not an area I’m likely to correct since I work roughly 14 hours a day and weekends are for spending time with people I barely see otherwise, not sewing/cutting/etc. Items on this list include the perfect long, loose, lined, jersey dress in navy; perfectly baggy denim shorts; slouchy skinny jeans; the perfect grey scarf. Simple things are hard to find. Especially at the right price for my pockets.

The other reason why I stopped making lists because sometimes it became aspirational and in reality beyond my reach (eg, Ann D boots; an Hermes Kelly bag). So it’s sort of pointless (for now, until I become a powerful, rich person) to put those under my wanted lists, because it’s just going to list there, unchecked off, and to me the point of making a list is to actually check them off as ‘done’. But these items, while (presently) unattainable, inspire me not to settle for less, whether in design or in quality.

And do I really need more clothes? I don’t, so I don’t make a list. Plus, I find I do enjoy being surprised when I go shopping, unexpectedly coming across something wonderful I didn’t know I wanted. Last month I got a scarf/shrug thing, dug up during a sale. I didn’t go out thinking, ‘I want a scarf/shrug thing’ but I wanted this as soon as I saw it because it was ‘me’. It’s perfect for adding an element of laying in a warm climate; it adds a little texture to my lazy girl uniform of jeans and a tank without any real effort on my part. I digress, but what I mean is that it was great unanticipated find.

I don’t know, maybe I don’t like lists because it feels too much like work. (I made many lists today.) In any case, I like a certain randomness when it comes to fashion, I like to be surprised. No need for lists then.

From top left, clockwise - Image of Narciso Rodriguez dress from The New York Times; image of Hermes watch from redfingerprint; image of Ann Demeulemeester boots from Mona Moore; image of Mulberry bag from Mulberry


frigidbardot said…
I believe we can all identify with everything you've said.
Personally I stopped making lists awhile back when I realised it was foolish to buy a pair of MiuMiu MaryJanes that cost a holiday in Greece. Or THAT Vuitton tote bag that I'll probably get tired of after a year.Or get mugged for on the streets.
And as you say..Do we really need more clothes? No! I have a small collection of off the peg clothes bought at sales that I've never worn!And my bff says I'm often in old-faithful outfits. Lists can be fun to do but on a rainy day or when there's an electricity cut off. I'm too lazy for DIY eventho I keep cutting out tips in magazines.

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