I love the use of slats on a building because it works well when you want to bring in light and air whilst keeping heat out - it relaxes me instantly.

I saw a lovely building in Siem Reap that realised this concept by using bamboo sticks, instead of slats of wood, and it was one of the most beautiful buildings I'd seen in a while, in a understated way. Too bad I didn't have time to snap a photo of it.

This beachhouse in California that was featured in the The New York Times reminded me of it.

It was transformed from the house on the left below -

I don't particularly love the way it was furnished but I love the house itself and the spaces within.

My friend's place has similar slats and I was amazed how airy and cool the room was, even though it was a blazing hot day. As I sit here typing on a similarly blazing hot day, I find myself dreaming of slatted windows and slanting light.

Read the full article here.

Images from nytimes


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