i want these pants

Which are sort of a summer version of these -

Either way, it's good stuff. It's greedy of me, to want so many things in such a short span of time. But. Still.

I have been lusting after these Zero Maria Cornejo since they appeared on the runway, and it appears that they've finally hit the (online) shops, at a fairly-out-of-my-price-range US$430. Ouch. I love the way they look, but there is no way I am going to hand over money without seeing what these feel and look like on me, no matter how generous the refund policy. I can't handle shopping heartbreaks - the idea of loving something and anticipating its delivery, only to have it disappoint. Also, I don't really make the kind of money that allows me to drop US$430 on trousers. Plus I have trips to Hong Kong and Japan later this year to consider. Plus I am sort of saving for this bag.

So, I shall limit myself to enjoying multiple views of these trousers.

(I actually purchased these Zara trousers with the Zero ones in mind, though the effect isn't the same.)

Runway images from Style.com; other images from La Garconne (evil, pocket-emptying place)


FrigidBardot said…
Nice choice but the ick is what shoes go with it. Boots only look great on the runway and if your'e Kalamity Kate Moss and sandals flirt with danger as it can have an 'amah' effect LOL!
Your recent Gap sandals might do tho.
theresa said…
These pants are pretty cool, it will make a good basic!
editor said…
shoe-wise, i think with converse they would be pretty flawless. very very you.
how so do the zara pair disappoint?
fashionaddict said…
FrigidBardot and theresa - They are pretty awesome, but I would feel better if I could try them on. And I was thinking flat sandals might do the trick.

editor- They don't disappoint actually, I love them and wear them often. But they're not a perfect substitute, because they're not quite as dramatic in terms of the drape. I guess they're more subtle (but also more versatile).

And Converses are a great idea, and very very me indeed. I love Converses (almost supernormal status there).

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