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Just to add some levity to the weekend after all the darkness of Rick Owens and YSL. I like this Teen Vogue editorial on one of my all-time favourite fabrics - denim. The pairing of distressed denim with faded, washed-out hues gives the usually tough-looking material a gentle, worn-out touch. And where oh where can I find myself a pair of worn-out loose-fit denim shorts? Maybe it's time to steal a pair of my dad's jeans when he's not looking and letting loose with my scissors.

Images from Teen Vogue


FrigidBardot said…
Actually these outfits look like what I wore as a pre teen. Its fun to see how its almost classics now. As a pre teen in S'pore (we were an expat family) at the time faded denim and holey jeans were to die for! The real things like CKs and Levis cost the earth and impossible to procure anyway and it was hard find affordable alternatives. Tang's and Metro sometimes had fun items but the fabrics were tacky. Well it was like that in the late 80s.I hear its improved a lot.
fashionaddict said…
Cool, so you lived in Singapore...have you been back since? I spent my childhood in Tangs and their children's clothes were fine :)
frigidbardot said…
Sigh I haven't been back to S'pore in over 20 years. Would love to one day. I'll probably be in tears at all the changes I've been told about.
Often on Saturdays we used to hang out at Lucky Plaza and another Plaza (I've forgotten its name)just to the left of Dynasty Hotel.
Tang's was THE store reference at the time and I remember how they often had nice trendy affordable clothes. Otherwise one had to be filty rich to afford the luxury boutiques. DIY was de riguer!LOL!

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