Magazine: V
Issue: 28
Title: Bloom
Sølve Sundsbø

I'm not really one for colour, but after I saw this colour-drenched editorial, I had a mild craving for some saturated hues for my wardrobe. Specifically, this vividly-coloured dress from Topshop (which I already purchased in grey) -

In the end I didn't plunk for it because I doubt I would wear it much, but my older sister, who is far more inclined towards brights than I, snapped it up. So in the end it's an ideal situation: I own the grey, which is very me, and she gets to borrow it when she wants to feel subdued; she gets the bright blue-green, which is very her, and I get to borrow it when I feel daring.

(My younger sister purchased it earlier in black, which is very her, and we get grab hers when we feel somewhat goth-y.)

Everybody wins. Hurrah for sisters who wear the same size!

Images of V editorial from fotodecadent; image of Topshop dress/tunic from


mode-ulation said…
Thios ed is great. The floral dresses are really pretty=)
I love the way you introduce editorials and I have linked you on my blogroll. Would you like to exchange links?

Thank you,

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