gone shopping

I am completely bummed out by the fact that this Clu dress is sold out on La Garconne, for upon seeing it, it was one of the few times where my usual aversion to online shopping was nowhere to be seen. Alas, it's been sold out for months, and I haven't seen in on any other websites that stock it. It would have ended my long dress search on a very high note.
In other news, I found myself shopping today, and to my surprise, found more things on the sale racks. A couple of simple tops that will replace some old, beloved but too worn-out simple tops I threw out a little while back. A pair of flat sandals that will replace an older pair on its last legs. A funny knit scarf/shrug thing I suspect will provide endless hours of experimental fun. Staples to replace staples, plus something to throw me off a bit.

Still eluding me - the perfect grey scarf (why does no one make these?) and a long dress.

Image from La Garconne


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