looking ahead

It's hard to make anything out of a pre-fall collection, but I do like the zippered skirts at Balenciaga.

Image from Style.com


FrigidBardot said…
Hello again!

I'm not a fan of Nicholas G at Balenciaga(I find his look a bit too structured,stiff and for size 0 women)but I agree with you about the skirts from the pre fall colection. In fact I found myself liking almost everything. I have a mild weakness for zippers and parachute inspired clothes.
I love the sandals you bought btw!
fashionaddict said…
hello again to you too, and thanks for the comment abt the sandals. It is possible to buy something interesting at Gap, it seems.

I find that I like to look at Balenciaga rather than think of wearing them (except for the coats and jackets).

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